Low Vitamin level and low white blood cell counts

I’ve noticed two conditions that no doctors were able to tell me straight away why that is, but after reading some threads on this forum, I noticed some patterns among hbv patients. I could be wrong in my observation but here they are:

  1. low vitamin D level
    Is it because of HBV or just that most people have low vit D levels? Can this be resolved by taking a supplement or going outside to get sufficient sun for 30 minutes each day?

  2. low white blood cell counts
    Is this due to HBV and if so why is that? Can it be resolved, and if so how?

If you do not have low vit D level and low white blood cell counts despite hbv, please do share.

Thank you!

I have always had borderline to low White blood cell counts and I don’t know if its because of the hbv.

Hi @catcher.007,

Here in Australia (a land with high levels of sunshine) almost a quarter of people are vitamin D deficient (Vitamin D | Australian Bureau of Statistics), so it is very common. It is probably because people living with HBV get a lot of blood tests, so we know our Vitamin D status. The easiest (and cheapest) way to get vitamin D is getting out in the sun.

I am not aware of any direct link between low WBC counts and HBV (except in cases where there’s cirrhosis). I have not experienced low WBC counts in my tests so far.


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