Longest years on tenofovir tablets


Has it been documented somewhere, the longest in years a person has been on tenofovir tablets ? How long have you been on Tenofovir ? If you are willing to share this info.


Hi @hepb1, just so you know, tenofovir was first used in HIV drug cocktails long before it was approved for HBV in 2008. So there’s lots of safety data about its use in humans from HIV and even HBV. I was personally on TDF for 11 years before being switched to another version of it called TAF (sold as vemlidy) in 2019. Not sure if this helps or not? Always, Joan


Great question, would like to know the same for entacavir or baraclude.

According to this paper (The Discovery and Development of a Potent Antiviral Drug, Entecavir, for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B), Entecavir had its first clinical trials in the 1990s, phase III trials in 2001 and FDA-approved in 2005. There’s likely people that have been on it for more than 15 years.


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Thanks Thomas, that’s good to know and offered me a piece of mind. Been on it for 5-6 months now and had bloodwork done recently. I think results were promising thus far. :crossed_fingers:t4:. Hopefully ultrasound looks good too. Thank you science.

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Hi Joan,

well explained. Thank you for the information, I appreciate.



Hi Joan,

Is Vemlidy is good for HBV. And Maximum for how many years it should be used

me too man - I’ve been on it for close to 8 months - - ALT was normal a few months later and my viral load is zero now - it was in the millions just months before I started.

I kind of know how you feel at the beginning of this - but from all sources - it’ll last for the rest of your life - which is what my doctor said and what the experts on his board has said too that resistance is super rare to the point where it’s close to unheard of.

keep strong and live long and fully


Thank you for sharing, very helpful to know. All the best to you!

Hi Ajab, Vemlidy is the newest approved drug for hep b. As others have mentioned there is also tenofovir (Viread) and entecavir (Baraclude) for hep b. At this point most people who are started on the oral antivirals are kept on medication for a very long time. It’s like folks who take anti-hypertension meds to control their high blood pressure. I’ve been on Vemlidy for 3 years as of today!! Thanks for asking. Always, Joan

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