Lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements for hep b

I found an interesting research study about nutrition adding to HepB patient

I hope this study will help adding to our daily life to more conscious about nutrition while on treatment or for some people who don’t have budget support for treatment this can be beneficial.

Here is the link to the study.

Thanks for the link to this @senhour,

As you can see, most of these studies are done in vitro (in cell culture), so may not transfer directly to humans. One possible issue with this is that once the food is digested, absorbed, and metabolised prior to getting to the liver, the effect may no longer hold.

Also, it may be impossible to eat enough of the particular food to get the antiviral effect necessary for any benefit.



Hi @ThomasTu

Thank for adding clarification.


Hi @IWillBeCured

I am on strict diet too.

Burger, Pizza or any other deep fried fast food? I completely avoid. No missing

Beer or Wine? Personally I never miss at all. Except during social occasion that everyone drink except me. It really hard to deal in this situation. I need to quickly find excuse to leave the crowd.

I try to go for all whole food natural as much as I can.



There’s lots of no alcohol beer and wine available, that tastes and looks the same.
My son, who works in a bar said he had lots of people order non-alcoholic beer from a bottle, and they will pour into a glass, then no-one would know the difference. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Thanks Thomas for this link. I was rather shocked to see it as tumeric is often hailed as having health benefits. As you said in one of your replies I’m assuming that this study gave the participants large doses of tumeric in supplement form? I too use fresh and powdered tumeric in my cooking almost daily with black pepper so I’m hoping this amount is not harmful.

Dear @wml,

As mentioned (Lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements for hep b - #137 by ThomasTu) I also cook with turmeric and if used in appropriate quantities, it should be fine.

There have been no studies giving participants such high doses of turmeric, the descriptions of toxicity comes from case studies of people coming into hospital with liver damage after high doses of turmeric supplements.



Thanks Thomas! I will continue to use tumeric for cooking. I do not take it as a supplement so I will avoid high doses. It doesn’t sound like it would be safe to expose people to high doses in a study.


Hi, i used to drink Athletic Greens® - Official Site (athletic green), i tested positive for chronic Hep b can i still continue drinking athletic green?

Dear @Beinghealthy,

There are multiple issues that stand out when I look at the supplement ingredients: one serving contains 467% your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C, 553% of your vitamin E, 250% of your Vitamin B1, etc. etc.

Taking high levels of vitamins when you’re not deficient can lead to some side-effects. For example, high levels of vitamin E can lead to nausea, diarrhoea, or even stroke (Vitamin E - Mayo Clinic). Persistently high B6 could lead to nerve damage (Vitamin B6 - Consumer)

I think most people get enough vitamins from a balanced diet, so that might be the best (and cheaper) way of maintaining health.



Thank you for your reply. @ThomasTu

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Dear @ThomasTu,

Thank you for this resource on fasting. Fasting is common in my faith. I was fasting and two things occurred: 1) My usual “go to” arm was not producing blood during a blood test and 2) my glucose levels were off which triggered the doctor’s office to ask if I was fasting – for this particular blood test, apparently I am pushing up on pre-diabetic. I have since broken my fast and, at doctor’s recommendation, transitioned to whole food plant based diet. Hopefully the next blood test will be better since I’ve never had concerns about blood work.


Thanks @ThomasTu,

I started drinking coffee for this reason. I use zero sugar creamer most of time and 100% natural Stevia (the one that says #1 Dr Recommended). Other times I can take it straight. If I want to treat myself from time to time, I’ll use a little regular creamer. :sunglasses:


Hi @Joan_Block,

Thank you for your post. Very encouraging. As for me:

. Not a drinker and when I used to drink it would be a sweet moscato or champagne, but I would also rarely finish a whole glass. My inability to enjoy a drink frustrates my wife to no end when she wants me to “taste” when she partakes.

. Not a smoker.
. Basically gave up soda (Pepsi was my vice) then shifted to diet pepsi. Now I am into Zevia “soda” which is supposed to be plant-based.
. Rarely eat meat now: weaned off of medium rare beef and lamb. Chicken breast and seafood were go-to BUT NOW my doctor wants me to transition to whole food plant-based diet.

I made other dietary adjustments such as consuming a lot of fresh lemon, grapefruit, blueberries, celery and carrot juices, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, tumeric powder, etc.

Yet, somehow, my third ultrasound (February 2023) revealed some “coarsening” in my liver. I meet with my doc March 31 to better understand what all this means and a plan forward since she said that the ultrasound was not the best test to measure the “coarsening.”

Hello everyone!

My dentist suggested I use chlorhexidine toothpaste and mouthwash. I was wondering if that is ok given my status. Can daily exposure to chlorhexidine affect liver?


Dear Drew,

I cannot find any literature that would suggest that using chlorhexidine toothpaste and mouthwash would cause any liver related issues. Is there a specific reason you are worried? Did you raise these worries with your dentist?


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I think it’s a hard choice. My doctor said I reduce my beer intake and I just read her face knew she is just being nice .I decided to quit instantly and I can tell you I feel better.
I’m not yet on the anti Virals but one thing I noted is that the HBV DNA is going down while the HBsag is going up for the last 3 tests I have done . Why would this be so Thomas?
Am HBseg negative


I am very picky eater, i am trying to get healthy and more active. i heard beet are good for hep b positive i tried to ate daily but i cant then i came to see Goli with beets(goli-beets-cardio | Goli®) can i take this daily?

HBsAg is produced through a different mechanism to HBV DNA, so it is possible that the HBV DNA levels go down while HBsAg doesn’t change too much (or goes up). Is this a very big amount that it is changing?

What I can find online seems to show very limited effects in patients. There’s 1 randomised control trial in people with fatty liver and Coenzyme Q10 (one of the major parts of that supplement) seems to reduce ALT and AST markers very very slightly (

There is not much on how safe these beet gummies are and there’s not much evidence on how much they will help. The choice is up to you, but I personally would not take them without some more convincing data.

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