Lifestyle changes, nutrition, and supplements for hep b

Hi everyone ,

I would like to ask for an opinion about raw almonds, sunflower seeds etc.
I know they are rich in nutrients and vitamins but I also read that aflatoxin can be found in them.
Is this a factor why we should eliminate these seeds from our diet?
I used to eat 40-50 grams/day but now I’m a bit scared because there might be aflatoxin in them.

Thank you and sorry if this has been already discussed elsewhere on the forum.

Dear @Petrix,

I’m not sure that these seeds are the ones that you need to worry about. My understanding is that they are mostly associated with peanuts. The NCI has the following advice for avoiding aflatoxin (Aflatoxins - Cancer-Causing Substances - NCI):

You can reduce your aflatoxin exposure by buying only major commercial brands of nuts and nut butters and by discarding nuts that look moldy, discolored, or shriveled.

Hope this helps,

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I am taking Vitamin D. I try to eat healthy but planning on completely changing my diet now n.

Dear all,

Please see here for a recent publication on the dangers of turmeric: Liver Injury Associated with Turmeric–a Growing Problem: Ten Cases from the Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network [DILIN] - ScienceDirect

Some insights into the findings are given here in an explanatory twitter thread:

Please stay safe all.



I use turmeric in my cooking. is it dangerous too? With no liver condition as well?

I also use turmeric in my cooking. In the amounts used in cooking (even with black pepper), turmeric is harmless. It is when you’re ingesting large quantities daily that it becomes harmful: the poison is in the dose.


Got it. I guess excess of anything is bad anyway.


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Hello to everyone!

I have just found a research on vitamin D3 level correlation with chronical Hep B and the virus blood levels

This is something that I noted in life. I have two family members with normal liver function (ALT, AST) but high viral load (no treatment received). When they start taking vit D3 for over month viral load goes down from log8 to log5-6

@ThomasTu and other experts it would be great to have massive research on how Vit D can help chronically Hep B infected people and make official recommendations/prescription on how it should be taken. If I can be of any support here as a patient or in my professional capacity (investments/finance) I am keen to help

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Hi @OlgaP,

Thanks for the interesting article. There is a relatively small amount of study into vitamin D and HBV levels, but the link seems to be relatively robust. This paper in particular even shows there is seasonal ebbs and flows of HBV DNA levels in patients based on the Vitamin D levels However, even though the correlation is there, the effect size isn’t terribly big and seems to only be on HBV DNA levels (which we can suppress with antivirals anyway).



Is this a good for your liver? Have this been discussed in the past?

I found it on this site:

And this is how they explain it:

Remember to take a good liver formula like LivaTone Plus everyday to help protect your liver against toxins including alcohol. We recommend a powerful liver tonic that contains the herb milk thistle, B vitamins, NAC, glutathione, taurine, selenium and antioxidants.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Hi @nass,

I think there is no evidence I have seen that this works for hep B or any other liver disease. It is also being promoted by the person who invented them (and presumably profits from their sale). I cannot see that they have published any scientific articles supporting their claims.

I’m not sure if it’s safe when combined with other medications you may be taking. Also, as mentioned in previous posts, there’s no guarantee that supplements like this have the ingredients on the pack because they are under much less scrutiny and laws compared to actual medicine.

I personally would give them a miss.



Agreed… Too good to be true…
The only thing I start taking without My Dr approval is … Vitamin D3…especially the vegan one!! But will share with him at my next visit…



This is misinformation. The best way to protect the liver against toxins like alcohol is not drinking alcohol.


Hi Olga,

I just wanted to chime in and say that I have had low vitamin D for longer than I know. However, about a year ago or so, I had my PCP have me tested and they have had me on vitamin D supplements ever since. I had a suspicion it was correlated with HBV, so this information is interesting.

Thank You,



Hi @Nass

I am battling with HepB for many years now. I have been on Drug around 6 years till now and ongoing.

Recently I found that I lack of Vitamin D. I started to consume 1Tbsp of Cod Liver Oild daily for a few days now. I see on internet everyone recommend Cod Liver Oil.

Do you have any experience related to Vitamin D in Cod Liver Oil. Will it increase vitamin D in our body? I am kind of stuck because Vitamin D is not present much in food. The only good source is exposed to Sun.

Or does anyone here have good advice on how to increase Vitamin D in our body?


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Hi Senhour

I am not sure about the difference between cod oil vs fish oil…but they both seem to have equal benefits…but I believe fish oil is the preferred one…

For me… Couple months ago…I started using Vegan based Vit D3 pill …5000iu…it really works good…cause my numbers are coming up…

Take care

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Hi @Nass

Can you share the brand name? I would take it to consult my doctor.


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Here is the pic… I am not sure if you have sprouts at your location…

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Im in shock. Wow, who would of thought…Thanks Thomas for sharing this.
Definitely staying away from Turmeric supplements.
I love the spice and use often.

My vitamin D blood test is above average.
I get sun every day. Walking to work, busy out in the garden. I love the sun. Although I need to be careful not to burn.