Leveraging the power of sharing ideas and knowledge

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the experts in the HBV field who are working tirelessly to find a cure and help us understand the disease better. Your dedication and contributions are greatly appreciated.

I am excited to announce this new topic on the forum is dedicated to leveraging the power of technology to accelerate research efforts in HBV. This topic is open to anyone, regardless of their field of expertise.

As we all know, finding a cure for HBV and understanding the disease better is a complex and challenging task. But by leveraging the power of technology, we can make significant progress in our research efforts. For example, IT and programming experts can assist researchers by analyzing data and creating models that can be used to understand the HBV better. AI algorithms can be used to analyze the large amounts of genomics data and extract new information, it can also play a big role, as it can help to identify patterns in large amounts of data that would be difficult for humans to detect or it taking long time to detect. Additionally, people with experience in AI can also develop tools that can assist researchers in their work or even suggest or recommend new tools or methods. this topic could make it easier for them to collaborate and contribute to the research in a more efficient and effective way. By integrating our knowledge and skills, we can achieve more than we ever. Just it needs that every expert or person tell what maybe done by the skill or ideas.(worth to talk about, and maybe trigger something in others mind).

Furthermore, this topic also provides a platform for both scientists and other field experts to share their ideas and knowledge, which can lead to new perspectives and breakthroughs. Also, people who are not experts in any particular field but have the desire to help can also contribute by providing suggestions or feedback on the forum.

We all know this field is complex and challenging, but we believe that by working together and leveraging the power, we can speed up the research and perspective fast.

Join this topic and contribute your expertise or ideas to help us achieve this goal. Also, we know there are plenty of Ideas or problems that has been asked through the forum outspread, but this topic could be more helpful if we categorize them here or maybe reading these Ideas could trigger better Idea and so on.

So, please join us and let’s work together to help to find a cure for HBV.

Thank you for reading it or even consider sharing what to you think.



Sorry, but there has not been much engagement or response from the community, I guss maybe it is not clear ,so I try again to initiate a conversation and get insights from experts in the field.
It is a brainstorming

Therefore, I would like to ask some more questions related to how AI could be useful:

-How can AI be applied to analyze large amounts of genomics data?

-In what ways can AI assist researchers?

-What specific tools or methods could be developed?

Also I found some projects and researches in this field and I would like to know that is it ok to share them and diacuss about it?

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on these questions. Your contribution would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance for your participation in this conversation.

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Check out this interesting article on using machine learning algorithms to predict hepatitis B surface antigen seroclearance in CHB. I need the experts to understand more of these type of article, I want to tell that there are plenty of research going on, but speaking of them could be a trigger for better understanding. Thank you for consider it.
I wait for your comments

Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Seroclearance

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Dear @IWillBeCured,

This is great and indeed we are finding a lot of discussion about ChatGPT and the input of machine learning algorithms to research. This is still in experimental phases, and I am a bit conservative about it given the potential for unknown biases to creep into these algorithms and remain undetected for a long time. Because there’s such a black-box, it’s hard to diagnose these.

I myself have had a project in the back of my mind that I think might be simpler that a programmer might be able to help me with. I would like to see a lab value calculator, where you could input your lab results and it would output the important things a patient would like to know (e.g. risk of transmission, likelihood of cancer or disease progression, whether I should take antivirals, etc.). This may not be as “sexy” as AI at the moment, but I think it would be of great use, given how popular the lab result interpretation thread is.


Hey, guys. I didn’t find any way to create the new thread, so decided to write it here. Some time ago, Hepatitis B have been found in the blood of my wife and we had absolutely no clue what all that codes meant and our family doctor contacted us only after 1 week. So we panically searched the whole internet to find it during that period. So I decided to write some small analysis interpretation web app without any AD or tracking to help people in similar situations, based on the public data and this forum.

Here is the alpha-version of it for your judgment:
The sources are here:

I’m open to any kind of advice on how to make it better.

Hi @Copse,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your efforts. I’ve just moved your post to a thread where I’ve mentioned exactly this idea. Seems like you beat me to it and it looks great! I would love to see something like this be developed more. We may have some students, who could do a lot of the literature search of transmission risk, cancer risk, etc. based on lab values to put into this sort of this. Would you be open to partnering up on this?


Sure, that sounds like a great idea. How can we cooperate in a faster way?

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I’ve shared my direct contacts in the personal message :v: @ThomasTu

Thanks @Copse, I’ll contact you directly.


Dear @availlant , @ThomasTu , @john.tavis and all @ScienceExperts

Sorry if it seems not important or logical, but take it as brainstorming.
I have been exploring the potential of using AI to accurately identify and classify the different quasispecies of the HbsAg or the HBV virus itself. This is because identifying these quasispecies is a key challenge in finding a cure for HBV.( or maybe there are other challenges which I do not aware of)

With this in mind, I am hoping to find any existing models or publicly available datasets that have been developed to accurately identify and classify these quasispecies. If anyone has information on these resources, could you please provide more information?

I strongly believe that developing a model that can accurately predict HbsAg quasispecies could be a valuable contribution to the research community.
Thank you for your time and I appriciate if you include in this conversation and let me know what you think, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Correct me if I made mistake, I really need to hear from you.

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Dear @IWillBeCured,

There are several datasets for this:


If you want access to the data, usually you can request via an email to the corresponding author. However, I think the problem is not getting the sequences, it’s really about getting the sequences from the right sort of experiment to answer your question. I’m not exactly clear on what kind of classification you’re trying to achieve and what the end goals are.


Thanks for your reply @ThomasTu

I want to share some news from AI world with researchers and experts, please lets talk about your pov and opinion about this tools, however I am not expert but many company and labs are using such tools in labs and researchs. Recently Nvidia is offering strong tools and infra structures for drug discovery, biological labs and researchs
Here is one of recent videos,Generative AI in Biology and Healthcare
as a good activity I offer everyone to watch this video and lets start discussing.
Being active and sharing opinions would be a very good way to communicate, lets connect more guys.
Thanks in advance.

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I want to share some videos and announce some tools and technologies in this field.
Let me know if it is a good Idea and could be good to continue or not.
Cant wait for your ideas and responds.

It is another Videos to introduce some other tools and libraries to accelare research and discovery
Accelarte AI-powered Drug discovery with Bio Nemo

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