Key questions in the HBV field

Hi all,

Please use this thread to discuss what you see are the most pressing scientific questions in the HBV field.


When to stop long-term NUC Therapy?
Expanding Treatment Criteria?
Personalized Medicine - Tailoring treatment
Increasing linkage and access to care, reducing disparities

Long-term how / when can we achieve functional cure with current pipeline

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Thanks @cscoffin,

Agree with all of these. From my perspective (biased because of my own research):

  • What does integrated HBV DNA do?
  • How does cccDNA persist in the liver?
  • Can we develop a model that mimics the pathogenesis associated with HBV? Can we address it?
  • What is the reason some HBV genotypes are more responsive to therapy (or treatment cessation) than others?
  • How did Hep B evolve and where does it originate from?

From reading the forums, I think some important questions from the community include:

  • How can we best address HBV-associated stigma and mental health aspects?
  • How do we reduce the amount of side-effects associated with Hep B?
  • When are people really non-infectious? Does undetected HBV DNA = untransmissible?
  • Are there optimal foods or lifestyle choices that can reduce liver disease progression?