Just diagnosed?

Use this thread to discuss being newly diagnosed and how to manage it.

Some important things to keep in mind (as discussed previously):

  • You are not alone Many of us here know exactly what you’re going through, having been through the trauma of a diagnosis ourselves. There are 250 million people around the world with chronic Hep B and just because not many people talk about it, it doesn’t mean understanding people are not around.

  • People are way more understanding than you think they are. Try to talk to a family member, trusted friend or even pet. The HepB foundation has a helpline (https://www.hepb.org/contact-us/), as do hepatitis advocacy groups in Australia and other countries. Of course, you can contact people directly on this forum as well. Once it is out in the open a bit, it becomes a bit easier to manage.

  • The majority of chronic hep B cases are due to exposure to the virus when you are very young. This could have come about with just a simple graze. It is something that you may not have had any control over.

  • This panic will pass. It may not feel like it at the moment and it may take some time, but as you process the information and get to know more about hep B, it’ll get better for you.

  • Hep B is not a death sentence. Almost all of us live normal lives (though may worry about what may be in the future and reactions from others). This is a condition that can be managed fairly easily.



Hi everyone

I got my viral load test result yesterday
The quantitative result is 169 IU/ml and 1387 copies/ml
The DNA log is 3.14
I spoke to doctor about this and he suggested thst I do not require any treatment

I really want this out of my system
Someone help with what to do please I’m so scared

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Hi @Oluchi,

This is a low viral load and it suggests you are in an immune control phase. The reason the doctor did not suggest treatment is because the guidelines say that if it is below 2000, then there is no use starting treatment (because the medications work to reduce virus in the blood, but can’t get rid of the virus in the liver).

I guess the best advice is to take on your doctor’s advice and monitor with blood tests to see if it changes (every 6 months usually).


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Can someone please help me with some medication? I have been diagnosed with hepB

Hi @Hero,

Thanks for posting. You likely will need to visit your doctor to get all the appropriate tests so that you know if treatment will help you at the moment or not. This is different from person to person.


Ok, thanks very much I will visit the hospital.

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Ok thanks, but this are my texts results I took last year

Thanks @hero,

Probably the more important test to get would be HBV DNA levels. This will show if treatment is likely to have any benefit for you. It is worthwhile also to get a fibroscan to see the condition of your liver.


Thanks very much, I am most grateful.

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Good day sir, today I went for another liver function test and here is the results…