Diabetes and HBV

If you have type 1 diabetes but really well maintained a1c is 5.5 glucose always under a 100 how bad is that to have with hep b?

Hi Eddie,

Great that you have your T1D under control. I know type 2 diabetes can have major impacts on hep B and increase the risk of liver disease, but unsure about type 1. Perhaps some @HealthExperts could chime in here? @simone.strasser @MarkDouglas @PLampertico?


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Hi Eddie,
As Thomas said the main risk is with type 2 diabetes, as this is commonly associated with fatty liver disease. Metabolic dysfunction associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) is present in over 50% of people with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome and can cause inflammation in the liver. This can cause worse liver disease in someone with inflammation in the liver from both untreated hepatitis B and fatty liver disease.
In people with type 1 diabetes this association is less common, although I believe up to 50% of people with type 1 diabetes can also have MAFLD, particularly if they are overweight.
So the main thing is to keep your diabetes under good control and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.
In that case there should not be much impact on your liver, although of course it is important to monitor your liver and treat the hepatitis B if your doctor recommends it.
Mark Douglas (Infectious Diseases and Hepatitis specialist)


I agree, to my knowledge there are no robust studies linking T1D to HBV outcomes

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