Ivermectin. Potential cure?

There always have been stories ppl with hbv got cured by ivermectin. In my country (west europe) they say ivermectin is bad and has many side effects…(gotta laugh at em. They think the TAF is good…TAF/TDF are extreme toxic i dont want to suffer brain damage and increase heart failure.

Special Issue “Hepatitis B Virus: New Breakthroughs to Conquer an Ancient Disease”

Looks like they might be onto something. Just read this paper and looks like it can be used in combination with ETV and TAF. Still a lot to study on combination because of toxicity.

Dear @H020 and @Ash_Malhotra,

It’s important not to over-interpret the results of this study. Just as an aside, both myself and @MarkDouglas are the academic editors of this special issue and have reviewed the paper as part of it being part of peer-review before it was published.

The researchers here basically treated cells in a culture dish with ivermectin and found that HBV infection was reduced. The effect was minimal (~60%) at very high concentrations (5-10 micromolar) and there was no animal data to assess toxicity. IF ivermectin was to be used as a treatment, this data would classed it as an entry inhibitor. There are treatments that are literally 1 million times more potent as entry inhibitors (bulevertide being the main one, which is more active than this drug in the picomolar range) that do not cure Hep B in patients.

By the way, @H020, I am not sure where you are getting that information about TDF and TAF being “extreme toxic” from. I certainly have not heard anything about brain damage and there are studies showing that TDF even improves heart failure rates - Association of Tenofovir Use With Risk of Incident Heart Failure in HIV‐Infected Patients | Journal of the American Heart Association.