Is this a sign of cirrhosis?

Dear Group,
I have been wondering if I might potentially be progressing towards cirrhosis. I have been on meds for over two years now, HBV DNA undetectable, but HBS AG levels in the range of 30 k iu/l (sometimes slightly dropping but generally actually going up), ALAT and ASAT within the range but it took them 1 year to normalise after I started therapy. Once they went down, other things started to emerge i.e. IGM antibodies are above the range (norm is 1,78 I am not at 2,43 and it is going up from 2,3 when first tested), bilirubin is going up (just above the range now), and Quick value constantly dropping from 100% to now 81% (development over one year). Last scan and fibroscan showed no damage but it was in April 2023. Could this be the start of the cirrhosis onset? Thank you.

Dear @natti,

Great question. IGM levels, bilirubin, and quick values are not recognised markers of liver disease progression. Given your ALTs are normal and HBV DNA is undetectable, the likelihood of HBV-mediated liver disease within the last 7 months is low.


Thank you, @ThomasTu. Much appreciated. I was quite positive that this was a sign of my liver not working properly with bilirubin build up and decrease in quick value.

Hi everyone, for the past weeks now my skin has been itchy. Is this something I should worry about? My last Fibroscan showed early sign of cirrhosis. I will be visiting my doctor next month.

Hi @Agibaby,

I’m don’t think that this is a specific enough symptom to say anything concrete about what it means, but it sounds like you will bring it up with your doctor who can do additional examinations or tests to see what is going on.


Thank you @ThomasTu for response. I will definitely bring it up to my doctor on my next visit.

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