Is there no support coming from here for my liver transplant

Since I was told by the Doctors that I have only liver transplant as an option. Only @Prince_Okinedo @Bansah1 and @Kabagambe have been running up and down for me even though they don’t know me. I was even visited by Prince. They went ahead and created a crowd funding platform for me. But much has not been raised
I would like to solicit for help from the platform because that is what really matters to me now. Teaching is good, but for me to live is better.
It seems I have been forsaken by many to be used as another example of hbv mortality. I’m sorry for bringing this on, I am in great anguish that suicide would have been the option for many. Not that I want every attention to be given to me.
But much help is not coming and I see myself like deteriorating every single day before my very eyes.
I humbly plead that protocols should be relaxed here for people all over the world on the platform to consider helping me. Help lift this burden, I would do the same for people if such a case is up.

This is the crowdfunding platform, the video they created and the amount raised in pounds.