Is my Viral load going down too slow?

Since I already introduce myself at my Introduction/Orientation I will get right to the point about my viral load:
1st test on 09/17/2020:
HBsAg Positive
HbeAg Negative
HB Core Ab, IgM Negative
HB Core Ab, Tot Positive
HBeAb Positive
HB Surf Ab,Qual Non-Reactive
1st HBV PCR (I believe it is DNA) 5710 IU/ml.

2nd DNA test on 08/17/2021 was 4500 IU/ml
3rd DNA test on 11/03/2022 was 4150 IU/ml

LFT panel (7) was normal with my AST 25 and ALT 34
I don’t take any Anti-viral treatment for my CHB because I am in few thousands DNA only (what I was told by my Gastroenterologist).

My question is: Why my Viral load is going down slow over period of 2 years. I am non-smoker, no alcohol drinker, slim 63y old guy 180cm tall and weigh 80kg. 20 years ago my Gall Bladder was removed.
I would really appreciate any explanation of my condition. Thank you

My latest Sonogram attachment below (I hope it works)

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Hi @CADman,

Viral loads can change over time for many reasons. In this case, there is actually not that much difference between 5710 and 4150 in the test that they do to quantify HBV DNA (a significant change would be 10 or 100 fold differences). A change like this could also be affected by a different lab doing it, your hydration levels at the time they took the blood, whether you exercised recently, etc…

Hope this helps,

Thanks Thomas, I appreciate your comments. Does all my tests and numbers tell me, that my CHB is inactive and under good immune system control or they can still cause some liver problems?

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