Is mRNA vaccine the answer?

I came across this article where the authors claim to have come up with therapeutic vaccine which eradicates HbsAg in mice in a three dose regimen.

Also came across this news article.

How close are we towards a cure? What mechanisms are in place to facilitate collaboration of efforts and expedite production of products either the public or the willing can try?


Dear @Will22,

This is a very short pre-print that doesn’t provide a lot of details of many of the experimental procedures, so it’s very hard to know whether this study was done in a reasonable and robust manner. It may be possible that this approach might be successful, but this mouse model doesn’t completely reflect what happens in a chronic HBV patient so further studies will need to be done.

Regarding how close we are to a cure, it is hard to tell because there are just so many ways that a therapy can fail… But I would say, we’ve never been as close as we are now to a cure. Please see some videos that we’ve posted to the forum:


Thank you so much!! @ThomasTu for everything you’ve done / are doing for the community!

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