Is it safe to breastfeed while taking tenofovir DF

Please I want to know if it’s safe to breastfeed whiles taking TDF? I’m pregnant and I have been on tenofovir even before I become pregnant so my doctor said I must continue n ever since I got pregnant my obgyn have been monitoring my pregnancy even more n other specialists n everything seems to be fine I’m 23 weeks now n there’s nothing to be worried about it seems the medication is well tolerated and didn’t cause any problem for my baby. But I know I’m not going to stop the medication because it’s for a life time but I want to know if I can breastfeed my baby after birth

Perhaps some @HealthExperts could comment here

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By no means i’m not an expert and i’m just sharing my journey with you as a mom. I just delivered my baby via c-section last year. My GI specialist told me I have 2 options: stop medication for a month then blood test to monitor my level and go from there. Second option is and dump technique which means take your meds at a specific time of the day, pump and dump the milk - then wait until the peak of the meds over in your body - pump again and feed baby with that. I chose the first option and unfortunately I need to get back on medication and stop breast feeding. Of course everyone has different opinions but do what best for you and believe you’re doing a great job carrying a human inside your belly. Please talk to your specialist and obgyn to see what’s option are there for you. Also, please have your baby vaccine right away after birth. Mine did his vaccine after birth and do blood test around 9 months to make sure he is immune to it which he is. Please keep all of us updated and this community is amazing because we are different but the same in some ways. Hope this help!

Hi olive thank you so much for sharing your experience I appreciate and please did you take the medication through your pregnancy? And please did it cause pregnancy complications and any effects on your baby after birth just curious
I have a son and I didn’t take any medication when I was pregnant with him but he received the hepatitis b immune globulin and a hepatitis b vaccine immediately after birth he has not be tested yet but his paediatrician said they will test him to see if he is immune I’m so worried and hopping he will be immune when they test him and now I’m pregnant with my second child I started taking tdf to two months before I became pregnant so my gastroenterologist said I must continue because it’s would be dangerous to stop so I have been on it since and now I’m 6 months gone so I’m hoping everything turns out good for my baby after birth

Hello Sadia, I found out I have hep B when I got pregnant with my son last year and on tenefovir since March last year. It should not have any birth affect on the baby and my baby is perfectly healthy. It’s really important that they have those vaccines right after birth. You are doing everything right for the safety of you and your baby!

I forgot to add : i did not have any complications! I think the meds really help with our hep b virus quantity!

I told the hospital where I had my first son and they vaccinated him right after birth in the delivery room even before I started breastfeeding him and I’ll do same for this one too thank you

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Okay I’m much more relieved now because at least you’ve had experience before please by the way do you live in Europe? I live in Germany currently my ob has been monitoring my pregnancy more this time around because I’m taking the medication and she even referred me to another specialist and everything seems to me okay with my baby I hope it continues like this till delivery and after thank you

I live in the US, I delivered my baby in California and the public system works there is once a patients confirmed positive with hep B. They would reported this to the public health and they will send your information to the hospital directly so the hospital already know what to expect.

Okay I think my OB informed the hospital about my condition and I also had to inform them again to make sure everything was good
Seriously living with hepatitis b is not a joke not for the faint hearted I pray that a cure will be discovered soon so that we can live longer for our children and our loved ones I feel so sad whenever I remember about it but it’s well

I completely understand you. Being a mother my dream is to be there for them and live a long healthy life. There are good days and bad days. It hits me hard whenever I have to come in every 6 months for blood tests and ultra sounds. But let’s hope there will be a cure soon for all of us!

It shall be well I cry any time I look at my son thinking one day I might die from this illness but let keep our fingers crossed that one day a cure will be discovered and may God help us and grant us long life

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Dear @sadia and @olive,

I have no extra input, but just wanted to say it’s great to see the community support one another through this. It is exactly what the forum was set up to do and thank you not only for helping each other, but also helping everyone that is reading this conversation!


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Dear @ThomasTu thank you for your kind words and encouragement you having been giving us on this forum we truly appreciate you and the others

Have a great day

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