Is fermented beet kvaas safe to drink for hbv patients?

I’ve just made a homemade kvaas using the following ingredients
water, beet, sugar and a piece of rye/einkorn bread.
I let it sit for 5 days.
I just tasted it and it is very nice but the slight sour taste bothers me a little because I am confused if it is due to the fermentation or possibly alcohol maybe present.

Is this safe for people with hbv to drink ?
Maybe a glass would be ok but I can see this can be addictive because it tastes so good. I don’t know if there is alcohol or if there is one, what would be the alcohol content. Is there a way to measure if there is alcohol and if so how much?

thank you!

Hi @catcher.007,

My understanding is that kvass generally has a fairly low (but not zero) alcohol content (0.5-1%). This is equivalent to a low-alcohol beer. It’s probably a better option than full-strength beverages and would be OK in moderation.


I suppose a glass every 3 days should be safe?
thank you for your comment!