Is Chronic hepatitis B treatment free in UK

Good day. Who has idea about whether tenofovir is given free of charge to hepatitis b patient in UK via NHS or is it out of pocket expenses. Thanks

@philippa.matthews @mariondelphin, any input here would be great.


I think it is, but i will let Philippa confirm. If not, I think that it is free in NHS sexual clinics when given/formulated as PrEP, so this might be an option to access it.

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Thanks @mariondelphin for your quick response!

@Limin I think has recently arrived in the UK as well and is on treatment. Any comments?


Hii yes! It’s free, but bear in mind, you have to pay for the medical insurance money which is around 2000pound for me since I’m on student visa, this covers the NHS fee, all you need is to register with NHS and they will ask u to make appointment for regular check, and you can order description pills via NHs also( bring enough pills with you, cause this whole process could cost a month or two’n

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help.

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If you are entitled to free NHS medical services, then you pay a prescription charge for every item you are prescribed by your doctor, which currently is £9.65.

However, if you are entitled to free prescriptions as well, then you don’t pay for prescriptions e.g <16, or <18 in full time education, over 60s, etc

There is the prescription prepayment certificate, which lessens the cost of prescriptions as well if you have to pay for prescriptions. The information is freely available on the Internet.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @timx , I am a student doing my masters program. I have been referred to see an hepatologist but yet to see the consultant. I was told to wait till Monday to call.

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If you are seeing a Consultant in a NHS hospital, the most you’ll pay if you are given a prescription is one prescription charge per item. The first prescription issued by the hospital may be free depending on the NHS trust.

My advice is to see the consultant first, you may need to do more tests for your doctor to determine the best treatment for you, if required. So wait and cross that bridge when you get there.