Is anestesia safe for hepa b patient?

I have undergone CS of my first born, and now im pregnant for my second baby, and planning for a repeat CS, my question is does anethesia safe for hepa b patient?..I have read that pain killers and antibiotics are not good for someone who has CHB. Hope to hear an answer from you. Thank you.

Hi @iamjen,
I had anesthesia twice since I was diagnosed with Hep B, one on colonoscopy and one on cryoablation on my kidney. It didn’t have any sign that affect me at all. I think they gave me antibiotic at the time of cryoablation, because it involved in needles and cutting tissues for biopsy.
They were ok on me and hope other members were doing good with it.


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Thanks @Dauphin50

By the way Im from Philippines. Thank you for taking time to reply. I was really hesitant to undergo another CS because of anesthesia because at first I thought that could trigger the progress of my Hep B. How long have you been infecte @Dauphin50 ?

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Hi @Iamjen,
Glad to know you are from Philippines, I’m from Vietnam. Before I came to the US, I was placed in the refuge camp in Bataan for ESL between 4/1981 and 2/1982. The local people was very nice to us.
I was diagnosed hepB in February 2019 and the doctor put me on TDF since then.

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Dear @iamjen,

There doesn’t seem to be good evidence anywhere about anaesthetics affecting people with Hep B any differently to people without Hep B. I haven’t heard anything indicating it is bad.

There is a small study here showing that HBV DNA levels even slightly go down after having anaesthetic (Effects of general anesthesia on serum HBV-DNA levels | IDR), but it’s not looking at very many people. I myself have had mild anaesthetics (nitrous oxide for the dentist) with no issues

More of the literature is around transmission of Hep B to anaesthetists.

Hope this helps a little,