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Hi im from in iraq i worked lawyer I discovered that I had hepatitis B virus in the year 2020, I was in shock then I told my close friends and they did not feel any kind of discrimination and since then I had removed the idea of ​​marriage until it appeared. Treatment or recovery, and I was lost for two years, living a normal life, but the circumstances were that I proposed to a girl, and the girl of my dreams was convinced and happy that I would become her husband, but when I told her that I had the virus, she left me, it was a very sad story for me. From pain and oppression, I discovered that life must go on, and that I must seek treatment with the help of God first.

Hi hassanein

Sorry for the experience you had when you first discovered you had hep b virus. It is very depressing to be abandoned by your sweetheart when you discovered your positivity and needed somebody to stand with you. Quite a good number of people have walked down a similar path. I am happy you learnt to cope with the loss and the un expected news quickly. This is remarkable as it gave you an opportunity to fight the virus hard and live positively.
Your story definitely is encouraging to everyone.How I pray those going through a similar experience will have an opportunity to see and read your story.
As I welcome you in this community, I pray you find our support worthwhile.


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Dear Hassanein,

I am very sorry to hear of your difficulties. Hopefully you can find support as you go through this trying period through the HepB Community. It is truly a world-wide community of HBV+ people, caregivers, medical professionals, and scientists. Everyone here has a common goal: to reduce the impact of HBV on people’s lives.

There is a lot of information in the various posts about people dealing with how HBV affects romantic relationships and marriage, and about how to have a loving relationship while protecting your loved ones from HBV. Many of our HBV+ members have healthy, happy families. I hope our community’s experiences can help you too make the accommodations needed to make it happen for you too!

You are among friends, and I wish you the very best!




I join the others here in sympathy for your experiences. We have had others experience similar things here, but we also have had others find accepting partners who have gone on to start relationships while living with Hepatitis B. I myself am lucky enough to be one of those, and have been married to my HBV-negative wife for 7 years now (our anniversary was yesterday).

Please see some of the discussions we’ve had on this topic here: Dealing with the diagnosis in a relationship, When/how to disclose hep b in a potential relationship?, and Wish I didn’t know I was hepb positive before marriage.

I hope you can maintain hope and strength in your outlook in life and know that you are not alone.

Yours sincerely,

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Dear @ThomasTu,

Thanks for the quick reply!

Best regards,


Hi @ Kinoti,

Thank you so much!
I am very happy that I have found and joined this wonderful community where people can share their actual experiences.
Best regards,

Hi first time posting here. I learned 20 years that i am a chronic hep b carrier on a routine blood test for work. I got tested and if remember correctly I was told that i am a healthy carrier because there’s 1 in the test that i am positive( some kind of antibody). Anyway after 10 years I did another test and i was told the same with the viral load very low. My liver panel and afp also in normal leverls. US also normal. Unfortunately all my test from the past are now lost. Now, for the past 2 years i been getting regular blood test and US. My liver panel and afp are normal in the past 2 checks and ultra sound as well are normal. There also comment that liver appears to have regular and smooth contours. No abnormality.

However i got concerned that the viral load have gone up from 7000 iu/ml to 16500 iu/ml. Is this a cause of concern? Should i start taking antiviral? Thank you.

Dear @Michael1980,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your story. It is difficult to provide a judgement about if it is a concern and whether you should start taking antivirals without the full HBV blood panel tests. It would probably be best to contact your doctor about this and try to see a hepatologist if you can.


Hello my name is k I’m from Canada I was diagnosed June 9/2022 so suicidal.I have a learning disability so I don’t understand a lot of this.Please help me this is my blood result.

Hello my name is k I’m from Canada I was diagnosed June 9/2022 so suicidal.I have a learning disability so I don’t understand a lot of this.Please help me this is my blood result.

Dear K from Canada,

Welcome to the forum from a fellow Canadian. We are glad you reached out to us.

I am sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis with HBV.

Its very important to understand that while HBV is currently a lifelong infection for most people, we have very good treatments that are very safe and make it very easy to live long happy, healthy and productive lives. Its clear that you are very very anxious but this is really not necessary!

The test results you have sent us are standard tests. All of these are normal but they don’t tell us anything about your HBV infection or how your liver is doing.

If you have been diagnosed with HBV, you should have at least some of the following:

HBcAg IgG or IgM
HBsAg antibodies (sometimes called HBsAb or anti-HBs)
HBeAg antibodies (sometimes called HBeAb or anti-HBe)

Also tell us if you have been started on any therapy.

Hang in there…

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Thank you for the respond I’mreally thankful.I’m just scared and my doctor told me I’m waiting for a liver specialist.Who I ask recording that my family doctor or the liver specialist.Also my friend told me I’m very contagious with kids and people with asthma is that true.

Welcome K from Canada.
I’ve never been to Canada but heard it is beautiful.
Please don’t be suicidal. Think of your family. They would be in so much pain and suffering caused by your death.
There is no reason for you to take your life because of HepB. There is a once a day tablet for treatment, if you see the doctor regularly.
You need to see liver specialist who will tell you if you need to see family doctor too. I’m not sure if you need referral, in Canada, to see liver specialist. Your family doctor should give you one.
Your blood is infectious. Don’t share toothbrushes, razor blades, cover sores and cuts. Don’t have unprotected sex.
Eat healthy, unprocessed food. Exercise regularly. No alcohol .
I’m glad you found this group. We are all here to help you.

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Thank you Caraline i lost appetite also I’m never hungry so that scares me.My urine is still yellow and I start working out.I’ve been trapped in my room because, I don’t want to give to my family members.They have asthma and other health losing so much weight it’s scares me.I use to love food now it doesn’t excited me anymore.I don’t know how to get help im so lost. I need to move out but I don’t how.If I was living by myself,I would’ve taken care of myself.I would not be scared to cook in the kitchen use the washroom shower and on.

Dear @Canada,

Thanks for sharing your experience and sorry it has been so stressful for you. Please know that you are among peers who have been through a lot of the same things.

Your lab results appear almost completely normal. There is only a very slight increase in ALT levels, which could be due to the HBV, but also could also indicate some of the other issues you are going through at the moment, or even reflect the exercise.

I don’t think you need to be too scared of transmitting HBV to your household members. Regular contact with other people does not carry much risk of transmission. As mentioned by @Caraline, it is only with blood to blood contact that you have that risk, which can be mitigated by not sharing toothbrushes, razors, etc.

If your family members are protected by vaccination, there’s even lower to no risk of transmission. I have lived with my wife for more than 10 years and she remains HBV-negative even after intimate contact.

There is no link that I am aware of between asthma and susceptibility to hepatitis B.

Based on these results, you don’t know how infectious you actually are. You can only tell this by testing your HBV DNA levels.

Many of us with Hep B live completely normal lives and will live long lives. Please maintain hope and keep us updated on your situation. We’re here to support you through it.

Hope this helps,


Hello Canada,
I’m not a professional but I suspect you are not hungry because you a stressed. Staying in your room is unhealthy for you, your mental health.
Please socialise, mix with your family. Hep B is not infectious like a cold is!
You can still talk, eat and mix with people.
I’ve had Hep B for 40 years, gave birth to a child without knowing I was infectious and my child was fine. I’ve had family and friends around me over those years and no one has gotten it from me. I choose not to tell others-too many questions from them.
Your family can get vaccinated, but in the mean time you really need to stop isolating yourself.
I know how you feel, though. That would be my worst nightmare if I passed Hep B on to someone else. You won’t -if you are careful. Not sure if you do drugs, sharing needles is a no no, sex too is a risk and the previous mentions.
Easy. Please stay in touch.

Thank you caraline I really appreciate your time I’m still in shock and I haven’t told anyone except my 2 sisters and 2 close friends.I’m scared to tell my other family members.I would be disowned or they would die from the shook.I’m dying every day every second minutes hours.I’m also scared of getting liver cancer or mouth cancer or failed liver.I stop eating fast food it scares me even pop also smoking I stop sleeping late at night.I start working out. What I’m even scared of is losing all my weight and looking very sick.I’m even scared to go to the dentist for my teeth and gums.I’m scared to die before my friends and family.I’m scared to get stressed for my health so I stop talking to people around me.I’m also scared of winter because my immune system now I use to love winter and the super I’m scared to get pneumonia because my health is bad.

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Thank you Thomas your really thoughtful thank you for the community.Just scary to think we have a higher chance of getting sick then people who smoke and drink and do drugs.scary to think that.