INTRODUCTION THREAD: People affected by Hep B

Hi Kinoti,

Just wanted to say welcome to the community! Take a look around the forums; there is a lot of information to absorb. If you have any particular questions, then try to find a good topic heading and go ahead and post any questions or comments if you have them.

I hope you will find further support from hepbcommunity,


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Thanks alot for your warm welcome. Am excited to join this community.


Hello @Edward,
Welcome and I really hope this community will help you a lot. We are here to support each other in every way that we can.
Everyone in this forum understands what are you going through as we have been through ourselves. Please, navigate through the forum. There so much important information that can be extremely useful. Remember, we fear what we don’t know.

You did not do anything to deserve this. None of us did!

It’s good that you started medication. Thankfully the available treatments are very very effective. I hope that you will se an improvement very soon!



Thank you drew for your kind words


How would you find the Gp that knows about hbv as I am worried to find one.?

Hello Evans,

I would reccomend looking for a hepatologist (liver specialist).


Hi Evans,

I see you’re in Australia. If you message me with where you’re based, happy to try to connect you with some GPs in your area that could help.


Agreed, Drew. But in Australia we need to get a GP to refer us to see a hepatologist. Also, a lot of the monitoring can be done by GPs, with the option to raise it to hepatologists if necessary. Many GPs here in Australia are starting to get training so that they’re able to prescribe the antivirals necessary for ongoing HBV care.


I am here in Hobart, Tasmania… Thanks so much.

Evan’s Many GP will end up messing up with you. Always look for a gastroenterologist or hepatogist.
A GP once pit me on treatment without doing relevant tests and stopped my treatment after 48weeks.After one year I had a severe relapse.

Οοh I see! In Greece it’s a completely different system.

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Hi Joan,

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Hope this helps that possible itch in the back of your mind, if it was still there,


Thanks Paul for remembering my question! I even forgot about it. Since I’m not a gamer (remember I’m a grandma!!!), I don’t know about D&D. But I still appreciate the explanation. You’re so kind. Always, Joan


Thank you. Joining the community helps a lot .

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Iam from India too and 27 … Don’t worry… Hope for best



I was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 2015, wasn’t feeling good went for a check-up in different local hospitals, until I travelled to Dubai on a business trip and then went for general medical check up and its where the doctor found out that my LFT levels were high and ordered for more check ups, finally I received good news that I am positive. First I felt very bad but as days passed, I was advised and am now on medication. Am a Ugandan by Nationality, an accountant by professional and now managing my business, but the challenge here is one, very many people are now diagnosed with Hep B and sending them to me in my village because I was very open and all my family members know it and so they keep referring every person to me for advise. people are very poor and need financial help as you are aware that Hepatitis B is very expensive.

Thanks to every one on this platform, I kindly request you all to keep helping those who are still leaving in denial and where necessary, let us give them financial support.

Good bless.

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Hi nsegamartin

Feel very welcome in this community nsegamartin.
I am very proud of you on hearing that you are coping very well with your situation to an extent of being resourceful to others.
Nsegamartin, you and me are neighbours, with me being a Kenyan and you a Ugandan. I am almost certain we share something in common. Many African countries receive ARV’s( used in treatment of HIV/AIDS) from mostly the government of USA through USAID. These drugs are donation and given in our hospitals for FREE. In my country Kenya, I have never spent a shilling on these medications.
Please find out if the same can be done in your country-Uganda and this is going to save somebody.

Welcome again in our community so that together we can share what we have.



Hi everyone,

I’m a 30 yo man from central Europe. I was diagnosed when I was 21 before a surgery.
As for now, I don’t have any symptoms, I feel fit and good, and I’m not on treatment.

However, recently I’m depressed about some related issues. Maybe I’ll write about it in a separate post.

Dear Arb, thank you for your joining the hepbcommunity. Really glad to hear that you feel good and are fit. But sorry that you’re facing challenging issues. Whenever you’re comfortable sharing these concerns, please know that it’s safe on this forum and we all want to support you. Always, Joan

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