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Hello all, I m 27 male with Hapatitus B which I only found out today. With very high viral load. I was wondering if my body can fight this on its own since online it says 90% can fully recover.Do i have a chance. How do I live my life now. I can’t think abt anything else. I am constantly searching on internet and feeling more depressed. Thinking abt how young I am just for me die with liver failure. Atm there isn’t any problem with my liver.everything looks fine. Any advice?will ide at 40 years of age or ealry. What’s the point of living if ik I will die ealry age.I am very new at this.I look online.

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You are not going to die at 40 and you will not die early. HepB is very rarely continuously aggressive, usually it stays aggressive for some time and then for a long time it will be dormant and not active and not damaging for your liver, the virus has many different stages, not only getting worse, but sometimes going in low mode with low viral load for very long periods, and sometimes it even gets resolved like in my case. I had been infected as a child, and lived normally with it till age of 40, when i got spontaneous recovery. It is rare, but it does happen. During more than 30 years of chronic hep b my viral load went from high to low and to high again many times. But the main message that I can give you is that after all this time I now have 0 degree of fibrosis in my liver=no major damage. So if do not have other problems affecting your liver (like lots of alcohol), then do not worry, live full life and consult a hepatologist once or twice a year with blood tests for dictir to decide about tactics which is often ‘do nothing lets just see you after 6 months’, this was the most common in my case.
Fear and stress wont help. Better live your life with positive mindset.
I hope things turn good for you! All the best!


Thank you for this. I have another question. I got infected with HapB like 4 weeks ago. Yet my Viral load is soo high.Does that mean chances of fully recoverying is low? Despite google saying most adult recover with 3 month? Also most importantly i wanna thank you for ur worm reply. I took a picture of ur reply and read it everytime i feel down or depressed abt Hap B :slight_smile:

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Thank you for kind words. Even a strong immune response takes several months to remove virus. If you are really sure that you only have it for a month, then it is too early to say.

Thank you @Eastwood37

Please explain more on what you have said to us at zero, do you mean viral load or completely free of hep B

Then other than staying off alcohol, what else do you do to keep a healthy liver

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I am 45 years old. It was 20 years ago since i new i have hep B. The virus has no effect on me excep the stigma and and prejudice came with. The viral count is under 1000ul. I don’t have any habits that jeopardize my health. So You dont need to be panic. You may need to make some life change and can control or clear rhe viruses.

What kind of lifestyle changes? I dont drink but do vape

Hi, Esta!
Zero degree of fibrosis is result of medical survey called fibroscan (high resolution ulta-sound), which determines patient’s degree of scarring in liver on scale of 0 to 4, the higher number means that more liver tissue is non-functional i.e. got scarred.
My degree is zero and liver enzymes like alt and ast are normal and I am now hbs-free with anti-hbs.
Nothing special in my diet, I eat almost everything, drink coffee, lots of dark chocolate, but i like greens like parsley and arugula, and I don’t eat high fat meat, only lean meat. I do not take any supplements except vitamin d and iodine. The rest is the same, like an average human anywhere in the world.

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Do u exercise? And also does excercise have positive effect on reducing hap b v-load?

I wrote a long detailed post here about my recovery. It is called A story of achieving spontaneous functional cure… You can find all details in that story.

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When i recovered i only did yoga once a week. I started to exercise only half a year ago and actually my level of antibodies to bhv increased after that. But i do not know whether it is from exercise or something else, maybe just a coincidence.

I tried to search the story of functional cure but it did not come in the search result. Can you pls reshared your post again?

No worries I was able to find the details

Hi @Kg7656,
Sorry to hear about your story. Your reaction is nothing abnormal. Most of us were there at some point of our journey. You mention in a further post that you were exposed about 4 weeks ago, if that is the case then the 90% chance of clearing is still possible. It takes up to 6 months for the body to clear it completely and you are just a month in. Initially the viral load is going to be very high, but as the months go it shows decline. If it does not happen on its own then with the help of antivirals that might help with this process.

It is okay to read but remember that not everything you read on google or on the internet is true. Take what you read with a grain of salt. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to know everything in the world about this virus in a day.

You will not die. At worst, if you become chronic there are treatment to manage it which slows the progression of the disease. Try and breathe. You stand a better chance and have an opportunity that many of us HBV patients did not have. Take it easy, follow up with your provider and get your labs/other tests done as ordered. Keep us posted after your next month test is done.
I wish you all the best, Bansah1.


Got it. Thank you so much. I am definitely more clamer than yesterday


Don’t mention. keep us posted on how things are going and if anything changes don’t hesitate to follow-up with your provider. We are here if you ever need our support. Bansah1.

Lifestyle change includs diet and exercises. You may need to figureout liver frindly foods. You may need to avoid smoking as well.

Am feeling bloated with my stomach kind of full even without eating or drinking anything. Am worried ever since DR google told me that this could be a sign of liver cancer.
Generally my life seems not completely fair coz of stomach discomfort, back pain and pains around the right hand side of the rib and the stomach.
Does this seem normal for any other people’s health here or something needs to be done?
Thanks in advance