Introducing myself to the forum

Hi everyone,
My name is Mylisa, and I am the Project Manager for the Hepatitis B Community Forum project. The aim of the project is to promote the forum, spread more awareness and information on Hepatitis B (in different languages) and to help those who are living with Hepatitis B in the community by providing them with accurate and useful information. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, ideas or concerns! I am always happy to receive feedback regarding this new project.
Thank you,


Congratulations on your new appointment! Thomas Tu mentioned that you were joining the team.


Thanks, am new here and just don’t know what to share and not to share here.or whether am using the right handle to give my story.
I was shocked when I was diagonized with CHBV in March 2022.
It was out of concern when one of my close friend died of HCC ,and through Google I got to know the major causes of it.
My first results showed in March 2022
HBsag 4043 u/ml
Hbe negative
Viral load 54
Liver profile normal
Also showed bit D was deficient at 65 and was given suppliment for that

2nd test in around Sept 2022
HBsag 4369 iu/ml
Hbesag negative
Viral load 60
Vit D tested found to be at 78

Last week I got retest and the results were as follows
HBsag 4693
Viral load 24
Hbesag negative
Anti hbe was also tested and found positive
I also did abnominal scan and the results indicated everything to be normal
I also did alpha veto protein test and this gave a value of 5.1
My vit D is showing a value of 61.1

My wife recieved now the last jab for HBV vaccine coz she tested negative when we went for the first test
I was so scared that my doctor prayed for me. I just don’t understand why this just happened to me .