Intimacy Issues

I had posted back in November about being exposed to Hep B but recovered with no current infection. I am really scared/paranoid about getting intimate and all the time my mind is scared if I get anything else like Hep A/C or anything :frowning:

Dear @ZiiTR,

I see this as something that is part of starting a new relationship: making sure you are protecting one another and both getting STD checks prior to intimate activity, and/or using appropriate protection (such as condoms).These practices will empower you protect yourself and others.


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Hi ZiiTR,
I do want to acknowledge your concern about being scared about intimacy. I believe anyone in your shoes will do the same and probably more. I bet it was not the experience you hoped for. If you are still with the lady, have an open conversation about how you are feeling. Especially, about how you wished she had been open with you and not assumed that you were vaccinated. Let her know about your distrust and discuss how to find a way forward to resolve it if you both want to do that. From your earlier post, I kind of get an idea or picture that you really like this lady. If it will put you at ease as Thomas suggested, you can use protection when being intimate. In addition, you two can get checked or tested for anything else that might concern you or both. Having an honest conversation with her about how you are really feeling is important. Try to understand where she is also coming from, do not be harsh, angry, judgmental or disrespectful of her. Give yourself sometime to process things and I believe things will get better overtime.

Do not let this incidence completely hold you back forever. Best, Bright.

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