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Hepatitis NSW had held a hep B story writing competition in Chinese community to support people living with and affected by hepatitis B to have a platform to share their stories. We are proudly to say that we received a number of powerful and inspirational stories that we like to share with the wider community. The stories are in Chinese, but Hepatitis NSW is working to translate them into English, so more people can get inspired. Please click to read:

My hepatitis B story, by Kin
Me and my hepatitis B, by Lynn
An invisible pain always exists, by April
My brother died of liver cancer at the age of 42, by 诏艺言
My bother has hepatitis B, by Kathy

Although the competition is finished, we still welcome people to send their stories to us. We can load them to our website for more people to read. My email address is

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Hi @stao,

What a great initiative, thank you for sharing. I’m wondering if the other Chinese speakers on this forum (e.g. @Jacki) might find this helpful and would like to distribute to their communities?



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That’s a great idea! Love to hear comments from other speakers here.

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Hi @stao, This is Jacki and I am glad to learn about Hepatitis NSW’s campaign. We have a FB group mainly for Chinese speaking communities. Recently, there are a few postings from patients living in Australia. If you use FB, I would welcome you to join the group and share your campaign, and perhaps help answering questions. While the main language is traditional Mandarin, we also use and welcome simplified Chinese, English, Cantonese etc. The link to the FB group is: Facebook Gruppen

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