Inquiry on bhumi Alma and phillantus niruri

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I read recently about the following Herb

Bhumi Alma and phillantus niruri in the management of chronic hepatitis b patient how safe are some of this claims
Axiom Bhoomi Amla Juice 500ml | Effective in Liver disorders | Helpful in Digestion – Axiom Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd..

Is levolin fort Cap safe?

Which of the interferon is safe for people with chronic hepatitis b
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Results: No statistically significant differences in viral load were found between the intervention and placebo groups after 12 months and no subjects showed HBsAg clearance.
Conclusion: This study does not support the use of Phyllanthus niruri for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B.

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But I have met a few number of people who claimed the got cured of chbv after a the usage of those herbs maybe more research and study need to be done

Dear @Sent-d,

As mentioned by @mantana, there are no robust scientific studies that show any benefit with these supplements (the juices or levolin fort). Given there is little regulation over what actually goes into these supplements, you cannot guarantee that the contents of these are safe.

Regarding interferon, there is only one type that is prescribed for Hepatitis B (peg-interferon alpha). This should only be taken under the supervision of a clinical doctor who will inform you of whether it would be helpful for you, what effects are likely, and to monitor your condition during the course of the treatment.

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