Inquiry about therapeutic vaccine

Please all the scientist in the house
Any updates on
Thervac vaccine

NASVAc therapeutic vaccine trial in Cuba

I p- cure -B


We have just met for an international meeting on hepatitis B virus molecular biology. These trials seem to still be ongoing without an update yet.


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Alright thanks
Always please don’t forget to update us when they’re New development please

Hi All,

The clinical trials were delayed significantly due to collapse of a deal to conduct them … I don’t know the particulars, but it forced the team to seek and additional partner and resubmit the EMA’s equivalent of an Investigational New Drug application. That has been approved and they are either about to start recruiting or just started it. I’m excited about these trials!



Thanks so much l @ John Travis
Please let keep hope alive by keep updating the community about New development in the cure and management of chb

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