Immune system and hepatitis b

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Does hbv complicate the immune system (like make it weak) thereby making the body easily succeptible to other diseases?

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HBV does indeed block immune responses to HBV infection but this does not appear to impact immune function against other diseases.

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Hi @Godsown, folks like below and @ThomasTu are best to answer this question, but funnily enough, your question is something social science (ie not clinical experts) are also exploring - not so much the science of it all but what people’s own perceptions and experiences have been with immunity. If you are keen to do a zoom/phone interview with me if you are someone living with Hep B then I’d love to talk to you. I’ve attached info below but please reach out if keen (and apologies for jumping on this thread!)




Is there hope for a cure soon?sorry is just that some of us are tired