Immune system and Hepatitis B Virus

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I am Cosmin Oprea from Romania and I am an independent researcher focused on the response of the immune system in hepatitis B infection, I wrote an article that has new ideas about what happens to the immune system in hepatitis B.


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John Tavis

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Thanks Cosmin-Oprea for sharing your recent publication. Just wondering about this sentence in your abstract: “The presence of MDSC in new-borns makes Hepatitis B chronic over years with both antigens present in the blood, HBs and HBe.”

I understand that HBs is hepatitis B surface antigen and HBe is the hepatitis B e- antigen. But what is “MDSC”?? Sounds interesting. Thanks again, Joan

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Hi Joan. MDSCs are a category of immature cells that fail to differentiate into cells with useful functions. These cells spread in many conditions but also spread during pregnancy in both mother and fetus to successfully tolerate pregnancy, but ironically all these cells will lead to a chronic viral infection if there is contact with the virus hepatitis B of the baby during pregnancy. These cells have the ability to inhibit the response of the immune system cells involved in hepatitis B. It is a short publication this article, I sent the full article, an extended version in which I presented the relationship of the immune system with hepatitis B in known phases of hepatitis and a possible approach of functional cure with existing drugs.

Thank you John Tavis. Glead to be here.