If you are viral load 0

Just curious for any experts out there - as we all know this disease can make things weird sometimes socially when you want to have a few drinks.

if you’re on medication and your viral load is zero or undetectable - can you just go on as if you were a normal person - drink sometimes - in moderation at least? or are there still other factors at play?

Not sure if it’s known why the rate of cancer goes up with alcohol consumption and hbv, so far it seems to be a correlation. I would play it on the safe side and forego it altogether.

Good question, @joseph.

Antivirals do lower your risk of liver cancer, but this can take years to completely take effect and they do not remove the risk completely.

The cancer risk is not due completely to your viral load, but also your fibrosis level.

I think that most doctors would recommend abstaining or minimising alcohol intake as much as possible.

That said, up until recently I still had the occasional beer (maybe 2 every 2-3 weeks). I have however started to avoid alcohol because I felt that I don’t bounce back as well the day after (old age getting to me… :)). I also have exercise early in the morning every second day, so I need to keep my body strong for that.

I’ve discovered new (actually decent tasting) non-alcoholic beer and that hits the spot when I do feel like it. I’ve never felt any shame or awkwardness ordering non-alcoholic beverages, but in the end I think there’s only one person who should care about what I drink (and that’s me).

I don’t know if any others on the forum have any strategies around this?