If HDV become negative

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if quantitative test comes as zero means its negative?

if HDV becomes negative, will it remain negative for life?

is there any test for HDV antibodies?

HDV antibodies are usually used to initially diagnose that you have been exposed to HDV, so yes.

If you are HDV RNA negative, you can still have relapses of HDV infection (i.e. it can come back).


how do i know if my HDV is turned negative

The current thinking in the field is that HBsAg loss (and possibly gaining anti-HBs antibodies) provides high confidence that HDV will not relapse.

my HDV quantitative was 288,000 and then i started interferon
after 24 injections with the Grace of God, it came negative
my doctor said continue injections

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Pegylated interferon usually works quite well to suppress HDV RNA during therapy. How long have you been on therapy?

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My Anti Hbs >1000mIU/ml, and surface antigen is non reactive, with core ab total reactive. can I get hep d? should I get tested for hep d?

if HBsAg is negative then no need to test hep d as you can never get it

Suresh what matters now is your HBsAg.

please explain my result, is HDV negative ?

also if you can describe me why HBsAg quantitative is necessary? i asked my consultant to do the test but he is not agreeing.

Your HDV RNA is below the limit of quantification of the PCR test being used. This is a very good (but typical) response to pegIFN during therapy.

I don’t like the word “negative” - there is no test which can prove the absence of HDV RNA. It is also important to remember that in people who have responded well to therapy and enjoy “CURE” of HDV infection (after NAPs and or pegIFN) test “target not detected” but may still have very very small amounts of HDV RNA present but no disease and normal liver function.

Unfortunately, rebound of HDV RNA after removal of pegIFN is common but this can be to a lower level of viremia where liver function is better. Persistent undetectable HDV RNA after removal of therapy is best predicted by HBsAg loss. This can be done with a qualitative test as well. A quantitative test only makes sense if you have a previous quantitative test done before pegIFN so we could see if you are having a HBsAg response or not.

Hope this helps.

thanks for detailed information.
no never had quantitative hbsag, but thought of doing it now and again after few months as i am still on treatment of interferon

thank you for your reply Suresh.