I want to know my status

I just came to find out on a routine general check that my HBVsAg is positive and I have only done ultrasound and HBV dna pcr test. How can I know when I got infected? The doctor told me to follow up after six month with the same tests and I don’t have to take any medication.

Dear @Suzycan,

Great question and welcome to the forum.

If you were exposed recently (within the last few months) then you would be anti-HBc IgM antibody positive. Otherwise there is no real test of when you were infected.

Your very low HBV DNA levels (PCR results) are a great sign and have been linked to good prognosis and low levels of liver disease progression. 6-monthly monitoring, as suggested by your doctor, is the standard recommended practice and is important to make sure any changes in your condition are picked up.

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So you mean I am chronically infected?

Chronic infection is defined as being HBsAg-positive for more than 6 months, so I am unable to tell using only the test results you have shared.

Okay so how can I reduce my viral load to be undetectable without medication

Dear @Suzycan,

There are no consistent methods known to reduce viral loads to undetectable without medication.