I need to know if I need medication, please help me out

It all started last year when I notice some rashes on my chest which disappeared after a week, after 2 months I notice nose blocked ie heavy mucus which I believe it’s flu and took some antibiotics but no signs of improvement, I also notice change in my urine color , wired pain in my left leg and sweating feet’s and this is why I go for routine check up and found out I’m hbv positive this is where the anxiety comes.urine color is back to normal now after 5 months and also flow of mucus in my throat had disappeared with just slightly nose blocked now.here is my result hbsag +, igm -,Hbeag -,hbeab+ .pls do I start medication. I also witnessed red sclera for about 2 months but now back to normal white sclera

Hi @Dam,
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your experience with us all. With all you have shared about your symptoms, it is hard to say whether those are because of HBV or something else. HBV can lerk in the body for many decades without showing any symptoms. At times we only get reactions from other infections/ailments that weakens our immune system causing flare ups/some symptoms. I will recommend you see a provider that specializes in HBV if you have not done so already to get to the bottom of your symptoms and also whether you are a good candidate for treatment. I hope this helps, Bansah1

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