I have osteopenia. I'm afraid of osteoporosis as a side effect of tenofovir

Before starting the treatment (Tenofovir TDF) I underwent bone density examination (DXA, bone densitometry). The doctor said that everything seems to be fine and I’m scheduled to have a follow-up examination in two years. However, when I see the result now, it says that I have osteopenia in left hip.

If I have osteopenia even before starting the treatment, I’m all the more afraid that it’ll turn into osteoporosis very soon. :cold_sweat:

What should I do? I’d be grateful for your advice.

If you are underweight, it could severely affect your kidney and osteoporosis. It affected my wife. As soon as she switch to Vemlidy TAF, her kidney Normalized and she still have some osteoporosis but lots of improvements when she switch to Vemlidy

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Hi @Arb,
Sorry to hear about your results. I agree with @Ccheng8346 to try and switch to either entecavir or vemlidy if it is possible. At this point I do believe that is the right way to go. But try having a conversation with your provider about this and see what he or she thinks. Best, Bansah1.

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