How to keep vemlidy cool while travelling?

just curious about this one

of course everyone is travelling more now

I have one of those cooler things people use for keeping insulin and I went to some pretty hot places - do we need ice packs really?

I know it says to keep below 30 degrees - is a simple insulated lunch bag enough?

I just keep my meds in a non-insulated bag while travelling (e.g. carry on bag). I live in Australia and have travelled to some hot places (e.g. Singapore and Hong Kong). I haven’t had any problems so far, but probably best to get some opinions from some pharmacists (@hope4us, @Patricia).


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Joseph, you are correct that it is advised to store Vemlidy below 30°C (86°F) per Gilead, the manufacturer. I haven’t thought of this as I keep it indoors. But if it will be outside or in a hot car for a long time, an insulated lunch bag with ice sounds like a good idea. I travel with kids and have been able to ask hotels to freeze my ice pack for me. I think if it outside for a few hours, it will be ok since I think it is not kept in ice when it is delivered to pharmacies. I am not sure though since we do not stock this med where I work but we do get TDF, Viread. This is recommended to be stored between 20-25°C and I think it gets hotter than that in the delivery trucks in the summer here. I love this group. I’m always learning something new😊

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Thank you for answering!
I guess I should’ve asked this question before I travelled into the jungle lol the medication seemed ok actually I had it in a an insulated bag for diabetes medication and it was in a shelter most of the time the room I was in had a fan which helped - this was but an outdoor lodge which blocked the sun partially but not completely - sighs.

but next time I’ll def add the ice pack as well which in this case probably would’ve melted quickly lol

but it was definitely hot and humid regardless - this was months ago now and if the meds went bad I would’ve felt it physically right? lol It “seemed” ok.

so much to think about now that I neve rhad to think about before glad to have your support :slight_smile:
but thanks for the insight. @ThomasTu @hope4us

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