How to deal with initial diagnosis and tips to move on

Hi all,

I am sorry to be creating discussions everyday but i feel very calm and get a lot of interesting information from science experts and people going through CHB.

I know everything i am feeling right now is going to get better with time but i really wanted to know from people who have gone through this situation. How did you all deal with the initial diagnosis and what are the steps you took to help you mentally and make you stronger to fight this thing?

Also how do you avoid thoughts of cancer? I know its only 0.2% chance in non cirrhotics but are any other factors like Asian descent, precore mutations and age play any roles?

I am doing my part by asking my doctor to start antivirals so i can reduce my chance of HCC and being on precore mutation this increases my chance of HCC. I think i read it somewhere that precore mutations cause HCC so lower the viral load the better.

What are some others ways to deal with stress and anxiety?

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