Hormone replacement therapy for menopause for hbv female patients


This question is for women but anyone is welcomed to comment.
I’m trying to eliminate menopausal symptoms that are affecting my life. To minimize and/or eliminate hot flashes, occasional night sweats, brain fogs and other things, I was considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as I am post menopausal.

Is it safe?
I will ask my liver specialist and gynocologist as well but I just wanted to see if there are anyone out there with chronic hep b and are on hormone replacement therapy.

Thank you for your comments.


I use air fan from Walmart and I shower 7 days a week.4 days with body wash and shampoo and conditioner the other 3 warm water and get out.Hopefully that helps also having a pyjamas does help 7 pair different pair every night. hopefully that helps I’m not expert just my personal experience :maple_leaf:.

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