High viral load and being intimate with some one who is vaccinated against hepb


Not so sure if this has been answered already, but the question is, if your viral load is high can you be intimate with some one who is vaccinated against hepb ?

Or should you first get your viral load down with medicine first and then get intimate ?

How long does it take to get viral load down with medicine ?


Hi @hepb1

I’m not an expert but have lived experience, 40 years +
My understanding is it doesn’t matter if your levels are high. As long as the person is fully vaccinated against HBV.
They may need to have a blood test to check that the vaccine is still effective. There have been some cases where the vaccine has failed.
Are you receiving treatment from a doctor? Are you being monitored your liver? Can I ask why you’re levels are high?
Might be none of my business you don’t have to answer. But I am concerned that your levels high.

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Hi @hepb1,
Caraline is right. Just to emphasize the partner must be fully vaccinated to be protected. If not, transmission is more likely to occur. Each person is different. Some people can see their viral load drop in little as few months, others could take close to a year or more. Our bodies process medicines differently. Best, Bansah1.

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