High level of Alt Ast due to interferon

Is it possible to have high level of ALT AST due to interferon


Yes ALT elevation does occur with pegIFN. The higher the elevation, the higher the likelihood of HBsAg loss and functional cure.

Very rarely, elevated ALT/AST can be sign of poor tolerance to pegIFN - this is easily ruled out by looking at other test of liver function (bilirubin, albumin and INR). If these are normal, the ALT / AST elevations are a positive sign.


Good information and sorry, but chiming in to ask a further question, as I’m going to start interferon next month being in the AB729 trial. What would be considered a “good” ALT/AST to know if the rise was leading to a functional cure, vs a rise in ALT/AST due to just the immune system and interferon? My ALT/AST normally is in the low to middle 30’s (my normal even on Vemlidy). Thanks!

HI @3kids4me ,

HBsAg loss is most frequent with ALT/AST elevations greater than 300 U/L and frequently much higher than that. As long as other liver function markers are normal and you feel fine, this occurrence should not make you nervous but instead hopeful.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much for the information, help, and fast reply!

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