HerberNasvac Therapeutic Vaccine

I have read a lot of cure for HBV and came to know about HerberNasvac Therapeutic Vaccine which is in IV stage of trials even IVth stage is also cleared. I terms of trial results what do you think about this vaccine and its effectiveness?

Link of the trails details…



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I can’t actually find that much in terms of trial results, so it’s difficult to provide any meaningful interpretation on how effective this might be…


Hi @ThomasTu,
Found some trail data articles for reference if this could help us understand better.



This is a very small trial and shows the results of only 6 people. Only 1 seems to have an obvious drop in HBsAg out of the 6 (2 were already had very low HBsAg levels). Again, very difficult to meaningfully interpret these results in terms of generalising it to the whole population of people with Hep B.


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