HepBcommunity.org story in ASHM eNews

Hi all,

We have just been featured in the eNewsletter for Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM). See here for the write-up: HepBcommunity.org - an Australian led global hepatitis B community initiative.


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Hiya Thomas,

I tend to leave long-winded posts. I will try to make this one short and sweet. I read the article and I listened to the podcast you posted a couple of days ago. I already knew you wore many hats but not enough for multiple hat racks!

It just gives more reason for us to appreciate this community you transformed. Before I read it in a post on this forum, I didn’t know that @Joan Block was the founder of the hepblist. This only solidifies my appreciation more to know that the torch passed from one to another of my two favorite people in the HBV professional arena. You have evolved the hepblist into hepbcommunity and we still have the benefit of having the both of you actively participating.

There will be more and more posts to respond to and more and more work in this community as it becomes more publicized. So I am also glad that there are other trusted professionals that are helping out more and more like @markdouglas and @john.tavis .

There are two parts to the dynamics of this community that you mentioned that really hits home for me. First, is being able to interface with other HBV sufferers, see their stories, the issues they deal with and feel like we are interconnected. Secondly, to have vetted and trusted professionals that will listen to us, guide us and even console us. You and Joan I think are the pioneers of this community that we feel most personally associated to, but as time goes on, it is inevitable that we will feel that connection with the other professionals that respond with such kindness and consideration and effort. Yes, effort, because I know how long it takes for me to write these essays that I do on here… lol… so I can only imagine the amount of time it takes you guys to do all you do.

So, thank you to YOU and Joan and Mark and John and all the rest of the HBV professionals that lend a hand currently and will do so in the future. There, that is my short and sweet J




Dear @PuallyHBV,

Thank you so much for these kind words for the people supporting this site. Your description of the community dynamics is exactly what I set out to do, so it warms my heart that even one person feels like I hit the mark. It definitely makes it feel worthwhile and I am very appreciative of your post.


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Hi @ThomasTu This is a giant stride and more grease to your elbows and the rest of the crew at HEPB community. Your forum helped me and my late husband during our lowest ebb; so many doubts cleared and clarification given. I wish there is a branch of hepbcommunity in Nigeria and a bigger wish that the virus is given more publicity globally and take prominence in healthcare given its wide spread, very low survival rates for the acute sufferers who may progressed quickly to Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and most especially the discriminations and stigmatizations (both public ones and the silent ones).
Thanks to you and your team. Well appreciated!

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Dear @174,

Thanks for your kind words also. I am really glad that this community could help you in your time of need.

I have done a quick search of hepatitis organisations in Nigeria, and found https://www.aphin.org/. They are a member of the world hepatitis alliance and they might be worth checking out if you need more face-to-face or local support.

Hope this helps,

Thank you for your response @ThomasTu the website https://www.aphin.org
did not offer much information about themselves or HBV. They are based in Benue State while I’m in Lagos and they seems to be targeting Healthcare workers awareness on HBV exposure. Many thanks all the same. God bless

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