Hepb transmission from mother to child when low viral load


I have been thinking, I read there are different stages of chronic hepb infection, one of the stages is when the viral load is low, so if a chronic hepb woman gets pregnant during this stage, could she get baby without the baby getting infected ? High viral load is certainly the baby will get infected. Ok but then if she breast feeds with low viral load milk the baby gets infected, facepalm.


Dear @HepB1,

Yes, lower viral loads will lower the risk of the baby getting infected during the birth. However, breast feeding is a negligible risk for transmission. The current recommendation is that mothers with HBsAg should breast-feed even in the absence of infant vaccination because the transmission risk is so low.



Please ensure your baby starts with a birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccine as soon after birth as possible but within 24 hours. According to some guidelines, HBIG is recommended at birth as well. Complete the vaccine series according to schedule, or as part of a combination vaccine schedule such as the pentavalent vaccine.

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In case I have the Hep B since birth does it mean that also my mother has the chronic hep b.

My younger sister, brother and my father do not have the virus.

I have asked my mother to be tested but she does not want.

I had a surgery twuice 30 years ago due to car accident. Now I am 44.

Thank you for your support

Hi @Aleksi12,

Thanks for your question. If you have had Hep B since a child, then there is a possibility that your mother has it as well. But it is also possible you were infected by someone else during your childhood. It is still a good idea for your mother to know whether she has Hep B or not because the earlier you know about it, the more you can do to prevent any liver disease.

Hope this helps,

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Hi @Aleksi12

I agree with Dr @ThomasTu But would like to add as per my understanding that since your father, brother and sister are free from virus, you might have got it after birth…maybe during surgery. Your mother may not be Hep B positive else your siblings would also had it.