Hepatitis b, stomach ulcer and possibly diabetes?

I knew about my diagnosis in 2014, but I didn’t take it seriously. But I was instructed by my mom nurse to come home and start treatment. That’s how I started researching about the infection. Though I was feeling some signs but I thought it could be from something else.
Since knowing about the infection, I have taken my share of stigma, depression and symptoms.
First, my mother told me that the infection was not flying in the air and queried if I contracted it through sexual relations. The truth is that I don’t know how I contracted it. But I was told I had blood transfusions at an infant.
I have really spent a lot on the health because I have stomach ulcer too. I noticed that my blood sugar drops easily.
Sometimes I feel signs of high glucose levels, like sweet taste, fatigue, frequent urination, headaches, and would think I am diabetic. But I have checked my sugar levels on those occasions and they were on the low side. I still have not understood what is happening.
I always have to avoid some foods due to the stomach ulcer and the hep b. Don’t know what to do.
I just started Tenofovir dsf this January, but having to buy it every month is expensive for me as I have spent a lot on it.
For what it’s worth, I am 30 from Nigeria

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Welcome to the forum, @Johnpaul_Ezeike. Thanks for sharing your story and sorry to hear abou your experiences. Many of us will never know when we contracted Hep B because it doesn’t produce symptoms for so long. Definitely blood transfusions (if not properly screened) could be a potential source. Most chronic infections occur early in childhood.

I don’t think there are specific foods to completely cut out because of the hep B itself; just keep healthy by eating well and in moderation, exercise, sleep well. Hepatitis B foundation has some tips: Hepatitis B Foundation: Healthy Liver Tips.

I think others on this forum have experienced ulcers too: How are you doing?: What it means to live with HBV - #43 by AlexH and Deciding on treatment and liver biopsy - #23 by Oluchi.

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Thanks for your lifting words. I will start using the resources of the platform to learn more about the infection.
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