Hepatitis B requests help

Hello all,

Hepatitis B surface antigen 26623.51
Hepatitis B e antigen 9273.33
Hepatic function alanine aminotransferase 51

Do I need antiviral therapy for hepatitis B?

This is the result I just found out, do I need to use ETV or ETV?

Does anyone answer it

Hi @hongguan and welcome to the forum.

You should consult your doctor and discuss starting antiviral therapy with ETV or TDF or TAF with these test results.

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I consulted two doctors, one said no treatment, the other said that immediate antiviral treatment was needed, I don’t know who to listen to?

Can you give some advice?

Dear @hongguan,

It is a tricky thing to tell you that you should or should not take antiviral medications without having a doctor on hand to talk through it with you. This is on top of new guidelines coming out in China regarding treatment. Your results are such that you could justify either taking treatment or not. It does depend on your situation.