Hepatitis B Chinese webpage launched

Hi All,

I hope this message finds you all well.

I’m excited to share a piece of good news: Hepatitis NSW has lunched its hepatitis B Chinese webpage which contains credible and validated information about liver health and hepatitis B and stories of people with hep B, all in Chinese. Please click the link to check out https://hepb.org.au/chinese/

As part of the celebration, we are having a hepatitis B knowledge contest. Anyone who completes our online quiz will have a chance to win a prize. https://hepb.org.au/chinese/

Warm regards,
Shan (Hepatitis NSW)


Dear Shan,

This is a great resource for our Chinese speaking folks! Thanks so much for sharing.


This looks great! I am sure it was a big project, but it is so wonderful to have this information readily available in such a major language.

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I am so excited about the strides our movement is making to provide access to care, resources, and education in multiple languages for global health response this is so EXCITING

Reverend Jason Crum-Escalera

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Hi Shan,

I posted this piece of news and the related web address to the Chinese Hepatitis B forum (www.hbvhbv.info). This forum used to be the largest forum in China with over half a million members. However, after several bans by the government, it is not always accessible from within China and no longer popular. I believe most hbvers in China now get their information from groups within WeChat.


Hi Stephenw,

It’s a shame that the forum is no longer accessible for people onshore China. I have gone through the site, it has a lot of helpful information for people living with hep B. I hope Hepatitis NSW’s WeChat group would help filling this gap. I also wrote an article in Mandarin, introducing our launch of Chinese hep B webpage and WeChat account, it would be much appreciated if you could help us post it to the forum too. Many thanks.

The link to the article: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ndX9rSzWosYSTbdUn068Ng


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Hi Shan,

I have posted your NSW Hepatitis B webpage in Chinese to the 乙肝交流 board( http://hbvhbv.info/forum/thread-1759601-1-1.html)

I am sure it would be useful to many. The forum had been blocked several times in the past and therefore many of the members simply do not visit as they were unable to reach the site. As the site is located in the USA, foreign members like myself have no problem accessing it. Nowadays, there are several sites in
China where people can get information on HBV, including new drug development. My understanding is that these sites are commercial and rely on paid advertising to exist.


Stephen in Sydney

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Hi Steve, did you notice hbvhbv is not accessible any more even if you are overseas? Do you have any insight? Very annoying.

Hi Jian,

Yes, I have noticed. This has happened several times before, but this one seems the longest. I wonder whether it is the end
of hbvhbv? as you know, the forum is owned by one Chinese now living in America, nobody on the forum, even all those appointed
administrators, knows how to contact the owner, aka Medline. Previously, the site went down because of technical problems, he would not upgrade
and pay for the website himself, Before that, the site was blocked by the Chinese government, usually around sensitive times.
It is very frustrating and one of the reasons why the site is losing popularity.