Hepatitis B and WBC count

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My name is Yared Asrat from Ethiopia. I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B three years ago and I undergo regular monitoring since then. However, whenever I do blood tests as part of a regular monitoring, my WBC count is always low (for example, my recent differential lab result shows that Neutrophil and Monocyte are low, and Lymphocyte and Basophil are high). All other differential results which are part of CBC are within range. Surprisingly, even if I have low WBC count, I have never been diagnosed with any other type of disease. Is it common for people living with hepatitis B to have low WBC count? I was searching on the internet but could not find a sufficient answer. Thank you very much.


How low? Mine has for decades hovered in low normal to just below average. Specialists option is it’s my normal, since the neutrophil count is in a good/normal range and I too am overall healthy. I was hoping when I got on antiviral my wbc count would go up but it still hovers in the low normal. I just started Peg-interferon and my doctors are watching my count, but so far even though my wbc count has lowered they say the neutrophil count is what matters, so for now I’m holding my own at the original Peg dosage. So, look at where your neutrophil count is and consult with your hepatologist on possibly seek a hematologist opinion if you/they may be concerned. I hope this helps!

This really helps. Thank you very much. Definitely the neutrophil count does matter but my doctor says that it is fine even if i have low neutrophil and WBC count. I will try to learn more about this thing and take the necessary caution. Thank you.

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My daughter has had the same test results as you - I have been looking into it for years and I have read a few articles saying this can be caused by HBV. However, since she has been on antivirals, with one exception, all her white and red blood counts were in the normal range with her viral load decreasing significantly (her viral load used to be above the range that they count!). It makes me wonder if the viral load influences these counts.

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Thank you for the reply and I am glad your daughter is doing fine. I am not yet taking any antiviral medications, and my viral load is undetected. As you said, things may come to normal when I start taking antivirals (if the need for treatment arise) or something. As for the relation between viral load and wbc count, this is something that health experts should tell us. Thank you again.


I’ve posted a similar question before.
I’ve also had low wbc and wondered if there is a pattern with low wbc and hep b. still searching for a correlation if there is any.
for the record, i also have low neutrophils (on antiviral med)
I’d like to know if this again could be the pattern… who knows?

So, it means that so many people have questions about the possible link between hbv and low wbc count. I think this should be one of the potential areas scholars could work on. People living with hbv should be well informed in advance about the implications of the virus on their different blood test results. Thank you.

Hi @yaredasrat ,

I can contribute that I have low wbc and low platelets. My doctors have told me that this is pretty standard for someone with my liver condition. I can’t remember if they were more specific as to whether it was HBV by itself or due to cirrhosis. However, I have had the low counts at least since I was diagnosed with cirrhosis, I am not sure about beforehand. I am sure one of the experts (I am NOT one) can help with this question. Please give them some time to respond as sometimes there are conferences they are attending and also schedules can get pretty busy. The science experts probably know the answer but maybe this could be fielded by one of the @HealthExperts if one is available beforehand.

Hang in there folks, an answer should be forthcoming.

Thanks you your patience,


Thank you very much for the message. It is actually relieving to understand that many of us have the same issue. Hopefully, as you said, one of the experts could comment on this thing. There is no reason to hurry. We have ample time ahead of us. Thank you.

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Hi yaredasrat
My answer is from my personal experience with hepb. My wbc are normal, but remember desease can behave in different ways in defferent people.my experience cannot apply to everyone.


Hi Kinoti,
Hope you are doing well.
So your WBC count Normal near low range? High range? Or in Between ?
I am not an expert but I believe Hep B can affect WBC counts.

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Hi Klrway,
As I understand that after starting treatment, your daughter’s WBC and RBC counts got in normal range. But were they, specifically WBC count, near about low range ? or middle? or near High range? Here in India the low range is 4000 /ul and High range is 10,000 /ul.

Hi Ethan
The last time I tested my WBC it was 4.08ul while norma range is between 4.00 to 10.00ul

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