Hepatitis B and Immigration/visa issues

Sir…thank you.
What wil be monthly cost for Tenofavir amd entecavir?
Thank you

It is one pill a day, so it would be ~$180/month for tenofovir or $30 for entecavir


Hallo Sir @ThomasTu

I’m starting to worry about my application as I haven’t told my employer yet that I’m infected. I’m afraid that they will not hire me.

I have read from other forum who is also a nurse with chronic HBV. And now currently practicing in the UK. She said that the UK is accepting nurses/fit to work as long as they have low DNA viral load. Hopefully Germany has the same. I’m looking for guidelines for HCW with blood borne disease in Germany, but I can’t find one.

This is from the UK.

Thanks for your time.


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I found a story quite encouraging – “My Secret – Ji Young’s hep B story”. I am wondering if the health requirement is looked at differently for different visa sub class and / or age group (e.g. parent visa)

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Dear @Isaprank,

I’m actually not too sure what the policy is for health care staff. I can contact some clinical colleagues in Germany for you to weigh in on this topic. Or maybe some of our Germans (@LenaAllweiss, @Tassilo, @Greg) might have some idea.



Hello everyone, i am not sure this is the right place or even its inappropriate. I even dont know how &were to start.
Like many people it was a shock when my test comes out positive during my medical test for my job in 2021, i even thought of ending my life.
But As time goes by it does starts healing a little by little.
I am a hotelier by profession, my last job was working with a German cruise ship. But after hbv positive i was not giving a fit certificate to work in cruise. Since then my hopes & dreams was completely shatter, the mental stress in dealing with the desease plus losing a job was such a pain i couldn’t even imagine. I am dealing with the desease very well but i find it so difficult to get a job that could come closed to my previous job. The starks difference in salary working abroad and in my own country is the biggest issue. Coming from India and working abroad was a very big thing, the reputation & respect increased in manifold but now everything is ruin.
I have been trying my luck applying jobs abroad but nothing works out without a good connection or a friend recommendation or sponsoring.
Anyone from Europe, Canada, Australia Zealand reading this with all my heart i request you too kindly help me to make my dream true again.
I am sorry if this makes some people uncomfortable.
Thanks alot in advance.

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Dear @12345678,

So sorry to hear about your experiences and the stress you are undergoing. I just want to say that your situation may not always be like this and many people with hepatitis B are able to find employment overseas. I wish you the strength to remain hopeful.



Dear all,
Today I get my visa from embassy and hqve plan to relocate to Czech in 2 days, I accepted in job opportunity in programming. There is a concern that I have to do some medical examination for pre employment process. I am really very nervous and I cant be calm, could you please help me and give me some advice, I really need it. Because it helps me to continue my journey and my dreqm job there. Please I really need to heqr from you

@ThomasTu , Many thanks for this community.

My name is Oyima, from Lagos Nigeria.

I am happy to find myself here. I was diagnosed of HepB 5yrs ago when I wanted to donate blood to an accident victim and I have have had low viral loads since then that my doctor said I don’t need any medication for now.

I am a pharmacist by profession and hence know much about the medications. I have never been tensed or depressed because of the disease.

My worry now is that I am planning to write Knowledge assessment exam for pharmacists in order to migrate to Aussie and work, and I am scared if my work Visa will be granted. Please, I would like to hear from you

Thanks and best regards

Dear @Oyima,

I’ve moved this post to the appropriate thread for this question. If you read above, you can get links to various resources to help you. In brief, your Hepatitis B status should not affect your visa application, but if you need specific information, it is best to ask a qualified migration agent.

Hope this helps,

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I’m sorry that you’re going through all this stress, @IWillBeCured. All I can say is that even with the pre-employment health check that I got in Germany, it was fine. I hope you are settling into the Czech republic OK and you are continuing your journey to your dream job. Please keep us up to date on your progress.

Yours sincerely,


Thank you so kindly.

Let me go through the trend

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Hey Thomas,
I am here as I wanted to know about visa status in Qatar. I am hep B positive. My husband works there and we are planning to apply for family Visa. I have this question, will my Visa be rejected or there will be other tests to be done to get the Visa?

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Hi @Aradhana_Tiwari,

I’m actually not sure about the migration rules in Qatar and their government website isn’t very helpful in providing this information. I don’t know if the Hepatitis B foundation has any information about Qatar @chari.cohen?


Hello @ThomasTu, I have medical test tommorow, I have asked some one here and they sqy they dont ask for blood maybe. I dont know how to react, do I have to keep it secret or I have to reveal it to medical check doctor. Please help me, I really done hard and I am not aware of consequenses.

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Hey people, as I see you all, you all are very positive with your life. I am very new to this one. I don’t know from where I got contracted to this one. None of my family members have it.

I recently got married and got to know about this after my marriage. I wanted to know, if here is someone who is hep B positive and living in Qatar, or someone who can help me in knowing that hep B people are given visa in Qatar or not.
Feels great to see people like me and still staying so positive. I will definitely need to learn from you all

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Dear @IWillBeCured,

I am really not sure about the laws in the Czech Republic. It would be best to get into contact with a licenced migration officer to clarify this.


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Hello Thomas . First of all thank you for having me in this group.

I’m indian citizen. My husband work in newzealand country. He have work visa in newzeland . We are trying to apply for partnership work visa. I want to know if my hepatitis b positive will affect my visa…or i will get the visa. ? Kindly reply back as i’m really broken knowing that i’m hepatitis b positive and i’ll not be able to have visa. And didn’t have chance to have family with my husband.

My doctor di my elisa test it came 20. DNA report is 341 ul/ml report…my mother have it. But she also don’t know about…and don’t have any knowledge about it. I don’t know if i have vaccination of Hepatitis b in childhood.

Thank you

Dear @Surbhitiwari,

To be sure, you should contact a licenced migration officer to discuss your case.

The rules regarding visas are listed here: Acceptable standard of health criteria for visa approvals | Immigration New Zealand, stating “We may decline your residence visa if you, or somebody else on your application, have any of the following conditions: Hepatitis B-surface antigen positive and meeting criteria for anti-viral treatment in New Zealand.

My interpretation of this (which may be completely wrong and may be dependent on other aspects of your health condition) is that with a HBV DNA level of 341 IU/mL, you would NOT meet the criteria for antiviral treatment and so this exclusion criterion doesn’t apply.

Hope this helps,