Hep b viral load and treat meant

Hello to all I have a question.

Hep b. this is tricky result I did a test for hep b on 07/19/2021 I was not feeling well. came back positive but with HEP B DNA SER/PLAS,PCR
3,330 IU/ML

Standard range
=0.00 IU/ML

Standard range
=0.00 iU /ML

Then I did another on 12/07/2021

18 IU/ ML
Standard Range
=0 IU/ML

1.26 IU/ML
Standard range
0.00 IU/ML

This is a good results my whole thing is why am I on entecavir 5mg is it because I was f2 fibrosis

Hi Edward,

Just wanted to let you know that Thomas is at a conference for about a week and responses from him will be delayed.

Maybe another @HealthExperts can offer some assistance before then. Otherwise, please be patient for a response and hopefully you will get the answers you are seeking soon enough.


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Dear Edward,
From your message it looks like your baseline HBV DNA in July was 3,330 IU/mL (log 3.52), you started entecavir shortly after and now after 5 months the HBV DNA has dropped to 18 IU/mL (log 1.26).

Is that correct?
If so this is a good drop in viral load and is what we would expect to see.
Keep following up with your treating doctor but it looks like the treatment is working well.

Best wishes
Mark Douglas (Infectious Diseases specialist)

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I start entecavir 0.5 mg on 10/28/21 before put me on entecavir the doctor didn’t order me a viral load till I ask for one

I did a fibrosis scan on 10/25/21 that came back F2 fibrosis

Your value
220 dB/m
Standard range
Your value
8.8 kPa
Standard range
Your value
14 %
Standard range

I don’t know if am on entecavir because of the fibrosis

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Thanks for the information pually

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Hi Edward
Remember you are HBsag +ve with fibrosis and anybody with Hepb and fibrosis must be put on treatment as far as I know.
However, the treatment is working well for you and your viral DNA is still detected. It’s expected that it gets to undetected levels. But, that’s not a reason for stopping treatment unless you loss hepbsag.
But, Thomas will explain probably much better when he’s back.

Hello Eduard, I am also diagnosed as B hepatitis virus infected, but now I am trying to demand from medical authority to prove to me the existance of the virus in my blood using THE PURIFICATION, ISOLATION AND SHOW IT TO ME ON ELECTRON MICROSCOPE !!! Don’t fooled by them, you should also demand this procedure! It is you right! There is not enough the viral markers or PCR ADN viral load!

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When I had a different point of view, dr Thomas always blocked my acces here!! You all, do you know why? If these platforme was done to help the patients with B virus hepatitis, why he blocked me? I am not saying he is an unprofessional, but why then? Let’s think free, let put all kind of question, etc! God bless you all!

Dear Daniel 1860216105021
I am happy to hear from you. But, certainly you have not told us why your think Dr Thomas blocked you from the community for us to be able to make any conclusions. Further, what is your thinking about hep b.virus.
Daniel, am a Kenyan and I have never met any member of Hep b community. I think freely and express my ideas prudently in a manner that is acceptable and respectful. I am sorry DDaniel because common sense dictates that there’s no freedom without limitations. Naturally, people think freely, the problem is always how to bring out the"thoughts". DDaniel, would you expect to go to a church and demand for a moment on the pulpit to convince congregates why you think there’s no God? "
I will certainly tell you where I work, I demand to Know what you want to tell my “people” before I can allow you to talk to them. If what you want to say doesn’t promoted our values and existence, then I don’t allow you. You say it in another forum,another day.
Sorry if I also interfere with you freedom of “thinking” but hope this gives you some insight.

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Hi kinoti, I just logged in and see your message I was busy with work and everyday life I take your advice I will stay on medication and I talk to my Hepatologist she explained the long time effects I will encounter if don’t start treatment now. To be honest I was paranoid when they told me I will have to be on the medication for the rest of my life and am in my 20s. I can’t be selfish am lucky to be in a country where there are experts in hepatitis B I know there will be a cure one day.

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Dear @Edward
I also think with a CAP of 220dB/m, your doctor told you that you have S1 steatosis. Therefore, you need to eat well to avoid advanced NASH.
Thanks for your kind words.

Why be mad. Is clear that you don’t have hepatitis b. This forum is for people who have it, people they know that has it, or experts.

Be glad that you don’t have hepatitis b virus and move on.

These posts are not really helpful for the person asking the question and indeed are unscientific. I have patiently addressed your unsupported claims in depth in other threads (in particular this one: Evidence that HBV is real).

We have established this board to make sure people get the best and most accurate information, so your persistent disruptions and choosing to repeat untrue claims are really against the spirit of this community. It is not fair for the others on this board.

I am happy to allow conversations on these sorts of topics, as long as they are conducted in good faith. I have repeated this several times and you have been given multiple chances to change, but you have repeatedly shown that you will not. I am now permanently suspending your account.


Dear @edward,

I see that MarkDouglas has answered your issues above and just wanted to add on that, raised ALTs or liver damage are indicators for treatment. Based on these results, you would meet the EASL criteria for treatment.

Just coming back to long-term treatment, there is some hope from the conference I was just attending that cures in the future will probably first be given to patients who are already taking long-term treatment because their viral loads are already suppressed (making response more likely). So, this may not be life-long and you are to some extent getting prepared for a cure when it arrives.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Thomas for all you do.

Hi Thomas
Welcome back to the forum. We missed your presence.
Remember, everywhere you go, you take us with you.


Hi goldmold.
I want to welcome you in this community.
I have read your mail and definitely share your experience.
In the year 2017,I had fibrosis F3 (9.9kPa)and a viral load of 147191.After being on TDF&3TC for three months I went to F3 (11.7).I was equally worried but my Doc was not. Within one year the viral load was undetected and I had clearly the fibrosis and I am still ok.
There for, there is no reason why you should be worried yet. During my difficult time, I meet many Docswho told me it was not possible to normalize severe fibrosis. But today I am a living example.


@Kinoti thanks for your reply. Have you done any fibroscan after 11.7 kpa? What is the last fibroscan result you had?
I am even ok if my fibrosis stay at this level. I am just worried it gets worse.
I have read some articles that even people with cirrhosis got better after long term antivirals.

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Thanks you for your continued excitement to get the right information.
I think it is difficult to clear cirhossis with ARV that is why we are encouraged to start them before we get there. However, even those with cirhossis can live long with ARVs.
Back to your concern:My latest fibroscan results are 7.0kPa - no or mild fibrosis.
Wish you all the best.


@Kinoti thanks for sharing your data and experience! This is not less valuable than articles, because it is a real example!
Can I ask how long it took for you to reverse from 11 kpa to 7kpa?

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