Hep B Result > 1000.00

Hello Everyone

I am new here and my english is not that very good.
But I will try to explain. I had my blood work done and received the result.
I don’t understand what it means.

My result showed:

Normal Value: >=12.00 mIU/mL
Pleasee see below for interpretive criteriA…

Whixh one is my result on the above?
What was this mean? Is that mean my liver is really bad? I haven’t been sleeping since i received the result. I tried to talk to my dr but not until next month.

I have read some issue about having Hep B and it scares me.

Please advice. Thank you

Dear @Concern2024,

It really depends what you are being tested for. If you are being tested for anti-HBs antibodies (as I suspect, given the normal value), then this is an indication that you have been successfully vaccinated against Hepatitis B and are completely protected from infection.


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Thanks u for reapond.
I did not get vaccinated yet for the Hep. I get my lab or work blood once a year. I check my previous lab test and this is the first time that showed the hep b in my result lab test. So i have been worried.

Thank u

Hi @Concern2024,

It is difficult to give you a definite answer without knowing what the actual test was. Can you provide this information so we can try to calm your nerves?