Hep B Recovery signs

I got diagnosed 3 months ago, Then i was placed on medications which i used for 3 weeks then i stopped using ever since i noticed most of the symptoms are no more e.g yellow eye, feeling sick, lost of appetites e.t.c
Expect yellow pee which is once in a while.
Here is my question

How do i know if as an acute hepatitis b patient it’s recovering ? Are there any signs? And How true is it that 90% of adult recover from hepatitis b or it’s just a rumor?


@ThomasTu pls i need yojr help on this
Or is there possibilities that I’ve recovered? Cause i was only considering the yellow pee that i haven’t

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Dear @temitope_victor,

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Hep B can be a chronic infection, and the current mediations cannot cure the infection, only suppress it. Also, just because you do not feel symptoms doesn’t mean the virus is still not there.

It is not recommended to stop taking medication without your doctor’s advice, as this can lead to even more dangerous consequences (e.g. your liver disease flaring and becoming worse). The only way to know if you have cleared the virus is to be tested for HBsAg and anti-HBs antibody.



Alright Thanks @ThomasTu


I’m glad you’re no longer having symptoms. However, you’ll need to run a test to know if it’s acute or chronic hepatitis. Yes some adults clear the virus without it getting to chronic hepatitis b. What were you diagnosed with(acute or chronic)? I would advise you go to your doctor with your concerns so that you’ll be investigated well. What medication were you given? Was it antiviral or livolin forte?

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Yeah, thanks…i was diagnosed with Acute, I was placed on Livoin forte, i only use 1 pack and didn’t get any after done using.
But i still have yello pee once in a while, But i notice when i eat well and take enough water , my urine is always pure white, This month makenit 5th month that i was diagnosed

Ok, livolin forte is just for liver protection.
You can see your doctor next month to run some test and know the way forward.
Most times the urine color is more yellow when we don’t take enough fluids, so my advise is to stay hydrated.
I wish you all the best


Good News, Mate!! I was once here 6 Month back, i was so depressed to the extent i added death to my plan, it wasn’t easy for me when i was diagnosed with Hep b, I felt like everything was Over, but today i went to the hospital and got tested and my Hep b result came out Non reactive ( Negetive) also scanned for liver function and it’s doing pretty well…
This is just to keep you strong, for other mates hoping to get healed, you’d surely recover, Ever since i get diagnosed i use to say a word that " if 9 out of 10 infected people can recover, then why not me" So trust me you’d get a good news soon.

Thanks to you all here, you really keep me strong, i was accepted here when no one chould hear me out.
May God heal our Land and make it a better place


Great news @temitope_victor! Congratulations!


If someone got infected as a adult (ages 60+) and may have entered chronic stage (need to test to see if this is acute or chronic), is recovery (clearance of HBsAg) still possible?

Dear @Will22,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the forum. My understanding is that the older you are when you are exposed, the more likely you are to clear HBsAg.


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This is surely good news!!!

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Thank you so much for that encouragement and for Hep B community cause I almost lost hope

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Hi what test can you do in order to tell if it’s acute or chronic hepatitis b


Dear @Stephen1520,

If you have been positive for HBsAg for at least 6 months, this is defined as a chronic infection.

If you test positive for anti-HBc IgM (not total anti-HBc), then you have been exposed within the last 2 months.

Hope this helps,