Hep b medications info

Hi everyone thought this would help :pray:


Thanks for sharing this, @Eddie. That’s great news and well done Hep B Foundation for this wonderful partnership (@chari.cohen, @Joan_Block)


Thanks @Eddie for finding this post. Just to clarify, the Hepatitis B Foundation advocated strongly for DiRX to provide lower cost hep b drugs. – the foundation Does Not receive any financial benefit from this partnership - we don’t receive grant funds nor do we benefit in any way from the sale of the drugs. We only educated the management team about the importance of caring for the hep b community. I think the word “partnership” was an unfortunate choice for the press release since we’re not working with the company in any ongoing capacity. Anyhow, I’ve alerted the Hepatitis B Foundation leadership about the need to clarify its role in this announcement. Thanks again, Joan

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