Hep B Lived Experience Story - Heesook's case

Heesook’s story

Hi all,

I am a hepatitis b project officer of Hepatitis NSW Mina. We would like to presents a hepatitis B liver experience video here.
Heesook is one of our lived experience speaker and she had diagnosed with hep b 34 years ago here in Australia.

Here is her story and we hope people can get message of life long management of hep B. This video is in Korean with English subtitles and in English with Korean subtitles.


Thank you Mina for sharing the video Heesook’s story. She expressed real life responses from the time she was diagnosed (her doctor didn’t explain what hep b was or how she needed to care for her liver), her complacency with doctor visits and treatment, and brush with breast cancer that reminded her of the importance of protecting the health of her liver to prevent liver cancer. It’s always meaningful to hear from those living with hep b! Thank you to Heesook and her doctor Dr. Alice Lee. Always, Joan